Bug fixes in ColdFusion (2016 release)

We acknowledged at CFSummit that we need to move the needle when it comes to bug fixes in the product. Just as we had announced, we are making improvements in this axis.

Here are some of the highlights so far.

A total of 423 legacy bugs (legacy bugs are those that were reported in previous versions starting from ColdFusion 11) were resolved as a part of the release.

A total of 95 external bugs were fixed in just update 1 and update 2 for ColdFusion 2016. More details about what fixes went in update 2 can be found in this post.

The average age for bugs to be verified by the product team from the time it is logged in the system is now down to 4 days. This was around 35 days during the ColdFusion 11 timeframe. This gives you a good sense of comparison between where we were and where we are headed towards.

Also, the upcoming update 3 promises to be an even significant update in terms of bug fixes when compared to update 1 and update 2. Stay tuned to hear about the upcoming update. 

I want to leave you with the message that we are monitoring our improvements in this space very closely. You will hear more details about our overall improvements to bug fixes at CFSummit this year. We look forward to seeing you there!


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  1. *applause*

    I think this is a really great step in the right direction. In the past, I want able to submit bugs because of a buggy submission process. Has that been fixed?

  2. So, that’s nice and all, but you decided to fix bugs from previous versions, did you fix these bugs in the versions you claim to support as well. Or are you going to continue act like all of your customers can continually shell out a new license fee just to get bug fixes?

  3. @Tyler – I have been told “you have to upgrade to get that fix” due to a cfzip bug in CF11. The sad part is that the bug was filed during CF11’s support period, and should by all means be fixable in the older version.


    423 bugs fixed in the 2016 release is not a metric to be proud of. 423 bugs fixed IN THE VERSIONS IN WHICH THEY WERE FOUND would be a metric to be proud of. “Pay to get my bugs fixed” is the message I’m hearing.

    Also, what level of testing is Adobe performing on the code base? Is it all thoroughly unit-tested? 95 fixes in 2 updates is great and all, but how do I know you’re not breaking anything/reverting behaviors? This has happened with more than a few of your previous updates.

    All due respect, this post does nothing but brag and provides no real substantial information.

    You can’t TELL us how good you are, you have to show it. Don’t tell us how good you’ve gotten compared to some arbitrary point in your past of which we have no knowledge (because you are an opaque organization), instead explain how your process works and provide some transparency. I am tired of having to beat this drum. It’s 2016, and you guys still are about as transparent as tar. It’s 2016, and your most loyal users still have to beg for insights into your process.

  4. Keep up the good work guys! Regardless all these “experts” out there about telling you what you should be doing, we should all be very happy and grateful that you are working on making improvements and strengthening the CF platform that we all rely on to make a living.

    Looking forward to update 3!

  5. If almost 20 years of using, developing, and purchasing CF doesn’t get my voice heard, then I don’t care – I have alternatives at the end of the day.

    Dismiss feedback if you want, but there *are* actually “experts” out there. Some of us pay a lot of money to Adobe and increasingly question that value. If you want to dismiss valid feedback, that’s fine, but keep your ad hominems to yourself.

  6. ColdFusion these days is like a headless chicken. We asked to fix issues few years ago. Response in years in today’s pace in unacceptable. The reason being, the fixes are irrelevant now. i have already found alternate choices where the progress is much faster.

    This response is just a marketing checkbox.

  7. @Chris: Yes, there are no issues related to bug submission process now.

    @Tyler: The legacy bugs are not just fixed in the latest version, but the previous versions will also have these fixes in the upcoming updates.

    @James/@Mike: Thanks for those encouraging words.

    @Roland: “Pay to get my bugs fixed” is clearly not the message I have for you. All hte legacy bugs will be backported to older versions as well in the upcoming updates. How do you think a post on process improvements that we have done will convince you? Would you not consider that to be brag again? What transparency are you looking for? We are all for making it more transparent than what we have today. Let us know.

    @Matthew: Thanks Matthew!

    @Justin. Thanks Justin. I will also give you a heads up that update 3 is going to largest update in terms of bug fixes!

    @Dave: You are welcome.

    @Roland: We are not dismissing your feedback.

    @Tim: Tim, we are not denying that we were not there in the past. You will see us actively work on all these bug fixes with a reasonable turn around time for fixes.

  8. Rakshith, a reply to post after more than a month tells the sad story of CF affairs today. Don’t misdirect people by referring to past.

    We are here because of the work done in the past on earlier releases. The entire process and focus is missing today. Your customers, supporters, promoters have left you in last few months. Please do self introspection and accept responsibility.

  9. @Rakshith – I partially agree with Lewis in that taking a month to reply doesn’t instill a lot of confidence nor scream “we’re engaged and care what the community has to say”. But I appreciate the response nonetheless for silence would have been worse.

    I’d really love to see real numbers that represent the CF community. Are we growing, or shrinking? My guess is we’re shrinking. How many new projects are being started in CF? My guess is not many, and that most of us are merely maintaining legacy products. I know I am, and I probably wouldn’t start a new product in CF anymore. Sad, because I really do enjoy coding in CF.

  10. @Lewis: Yes, my response was late and I accept that. I did not notice your comment until I just revisited the post. Looks like there is some issue with the email notifications. I did not receive any on the comments made. But please note, I am not trying to hide behind the lack of notifications. I should have responded sooner anyway.

    My intent is not to misdirect people by referring to the past. I am making a reference to the past only because we had committed to improving the situation with bug fixing. And without referring to the past, I can’t really show the improvements that we have made on the bug fixing front.

    @Chris: I would really encourage you attend the Adobe ColdFusion Summit, if you haven’t registered already. It is the largest ColdFusion conference where you will hear not just from Adobe but from others on how they are leveraging the platform today.

  11. @Rakshith

    Thank you for the invite. I considered it, especially since I know a couple of the speakers. And though part of me would love to be there and support this language and it’s community, I ultimately decided not to. As much as I love CF, my sense is that it’s in a slow death spiral and I don’t see anyone (especially Adobe) doing enough to give it new life, so with a heavy heart, I’m focusing on other, better supported technologies instead.

    Have you seen the recently published, “State of JavaScript 2016” by Sacha Greif? I’d like too see something like this for CF.

    Btw, notifications seem to work fine for me. Be sure you check the box “subscribe to this comment thread”

  12. Rakshith, this is exactly the kind of lame excuse mentality that has gripped ColdFusion team in past one year. We used to have planned update releases after 3-6 months of release in earlier cf versions. Lots of bug fixes used to happen. You made a mess and stopped shipping bug fix release in 10/11 to instead focus on useless stuff like cfclient.

    I appreciate your reply but the entire mindset of excuses makes me strongly feel there is no passion left within the product team for ColdFusion. if you are the main product manager driving cf, you have failed your community and customers miserably.

  13. @Charlie

    Totally respect that. I’m a huge fan of what you’ve done for the community along with Brad Wood and many others. I’m generally underwhelmed overall, which is my personal perspective. My intent is not to speak for everyone, but I wouldn’t discount my opinion entirely either. If I feel this way, I believe there’s a good chance others do too. I sincerely hope I’m in the minority, which is why I’d love to see a “State of ColdFusion 2016” survey circled around.

  14. ” …. Looks like there is some issue with the email notifications. I did not receive any on the comments made. But please note, I am not trying to hide behind the lack of notifications. I should have responded sooner anyway….”

    How many times I have seen this type of reply from CF team that says, yes this should have been done. It is not an opinion but an observation which is a fact. Poor decisions are being repeated multiple times in the past one year.

    And no action taken that shows proactiveness and right decision taken to make things better for CF. The current business team has failed CF and it’s supporters.

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