June 1, 2016
ColdFusion 2016 and ColdFusion Builder 2016 Update 2 are available for early access
June 1, 2016
ColdFusion 2016 and ColdFusion Builder 2016 Update 2 are available for early access
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ColdFusion 2016 and ColdFusion Builder 2016 Update 2 early access builds are now available for your testing and feedback.

Note: The early access builds mentioned here have now been released in final form. So do not use the prerelease files or info below, but rather see the later blog post:


Note that this is a test build and should not be used in a production environment.

ColdFusion 2016 Server

Change the update URL in ColdFusion Administrator -> Server Updates -> Updates -> Settings to the following:


Refer this document for issues fixed.

Here are the install instructions for Server.

The build number after applying this update for ColdFusion 2016 should be 2016.0.02.299076

ColdFusion Builder 2016

Refer this document for issues fixed.

Here are the install instructions for Builder

Standalone installation:

Change the update URL in ColdFusion Builder -> Help -> Install New Software -> Add -> Enter this URL in the location field:

For Windows/Linux – https://cfdownload.adobe.com/pub/adobe/coldfusion/2016/prerelease/cfb31standalonerepo/

For OS X – https://cfdownload.adobe.com/pub/adobe/coldfusion/2016/prerelease/cfb31standalonerepomac/

Plugin installation:

Change the update URL in Elicpse 4.5.2 or above -> Help -> Install New Software -> Add -> Enter this URL in the location field:


What’s new in this Update

ColdFusion 2016 Update 2 :

  • Struct Serialization and Array Serialization :

For a struct, there isn’t a way to derive the data type info correctly and hence even today we see serialization issue where a "lastname" is being serialized as Boolean Bug #3337394.

We are providing an API on the Struct class to add metadata information to that struct object. This function will take a struct object wherein the key will be the actual key of the struct and value will be the data type of the value corresponding to that key. For example,

mystruct = StructNew() ;

mystruct.setMetadata({"lastname": "String", "age": "number"}) ;

structsetmetadata(simple,{"value":"boolean","firstname":"string", "currency": { "type": "numeric","name": "usd"}});

writedump (#mystruct.getMetadata()#); //returns: {ordered="insertion|unordered", keys={lastname="string", age="number"}}

For Array also we can set the metadata using setmetadata & getmetadata methods. Array metadata should contain the key “items” in the metadata which specifies the type of the array members.


writedump (#myArray.getMetadata()#); //returns: {"type":"synchronized", items="string"}

Application level support

Other than passing the type info at struct level, you can also define the at application level, like

this.serialization.structmetadata = {zipcode="String"};

If defined as above, you don’t need to define the data type for zipcode for all the struct which contains this key. At run-time, if the metadata of the struct is not passed at struct level but is defined at application level then we will resolve the struct value appropriately as per application metadata info. But if defined at struct, then the defined type at struct level will take priority over the application one.

  • Configure SSL– Access API Manager portals over HTTPS for better encryption and security
  • CAR settings migration– After deploying a CAR file, some settings are not migrated. You can view the list in the Archive Summary page (under the section Settings Never Migrated) while creating CAR as well as during deploying the CAR.
  • New member functions – ArrayDeleteNoCase, YesNoFormat, and BooleanFormat
  • CKEditor – FCK Editor has been deprecated. You can now customize and design text areas in a form using CK Editor in the cftextarea tag.
  • NTLM changes – The ntlmDomain attribute is required if a user is part of a domain. When the user is not part of a domain, the ntlmDomain attribute is optional.
  • Other bug fixes – API Manager, PDF, language, etc.


ColdFusion Builder 2016 Update 2

• Security Analyzer – You can view partial scan results after canceling a scan. Search for a file using the filename in Unscanned Files.

• PhoneGap – PhoneGap is upgraded to version 5.2.

• Other bug fixes – Performance, editor, Security Analyzer, etc.

We will look forward to your valuable feedback and suggestions.

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2016-06-13 16:57:26
2016-06-13 16:57:26

Just wondering who thought of using ‘structsetmetadata’ why not just use key [type]:value (as it key,space,colon,value) and keep it consistant with other parts of the language?

let’s hope Lucee ignores this syntax and thinks about it before implmenting.

Are any senior community members on the alpha/beta anymore? I don’t know any… sad seeing features like this roll out without many heads across it.


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