Submitting your wishlist for the next version of ColdFusion

Here is a way to let us know your wishlist for the future versions of ColdFusion. The process is really simple.


1. Log into the public bug tracker

2. Click on Add Bug. 

3. Choose ColdFusion as the product and version as 2016. Remember, the version to be selected is 2016.

4. Select product area as wishlist and submit your list in the bug description.


That’s it! We would love to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see as a part of upcoming versions.



7 Responses

  1. Being you make no mention of voting and very few votes are being cast for each wish list item, I think Adobe should compile the ones together that it is willing to entertain in CF 2018 and explain them (in the context you’d want to build them) and offer use cases in a separate poll and have everyone vote on them. Maybe similar to your other survey where you rank things. I would categorize them in two separate votes; language improvements and flagship features.

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