New ColdFusion Training Videos Available!

We’re pleased to announce the first set of ColdFusion training videos are now available!

Getting Started with ColdFusion 2016

Altogether, 9 hours of training content is now available.

Chapter 1:   Introduction
Chapter 2:   Configuring your work environment
Chapter 3:   Variables and data types
Chapter 4:   Publishing database content
Chapter 5:   Creating a drill down interface
Chapter 6:   Inserting new data in the database
Chapter 7:   Updating data
Chapter 8:   Reusing Code
Chapter 9:   The application framework
Chapter 10: Session management
Chapter 11: More security
Chapter 12: Building the site administration

You can find all of the videos here :




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  1. Step in the right direction, but they should be available for offline viewing as well. I urge you to complete the series, also offer it in a e-reader version. Maybe donate them to

  2. Hey guys,
    I’m glad to see you like our new video series. It has been a great endeavour for me to produce those videos.

    My initial idea was to produce a book with this material. This book exists, but was never published! At the beginning, I wanted to write a 2 volumes book : one for the beginner level and another one for the advanced level.

    But the advanced book has not been written yet….

    I’m willing to produce more videos on more advanced topic, but I’m perfectly aware that I’m more a teacher than a developer. Teaching is something I’m gifted at, and this is how I can best serve the ColdFusion community.

    In other words, I would need your help to create new, more advanced exercices to shoot more videos.

    My idea is to start the advanced course where the beginner course stopped. This advanced course would include topics such as Object-oriented programming, Using the ORM, Error handling, Using AJAX, using and creating Web services, etc…

    If anyone is interested in helping me update the sample files of the current video series to serve as examples for more advanced videos, be my guest.

    Maybe Kishore can put the interested people together and setup a Connect meeting to start talking about a plan for the next round of videos.

    How does that sounds?

    With regards from sunny Belgium…

  3. @Charlie seem you didn’t got my point here.

    It’s over seeing that on udemy. Currently adobe is trying to build it’s own plateform to get a piece of elearning pie like That’s great and agree this course is free but as I showed, registration is required and once you register they push for the other material. Still fair. BUT again they won’t post their own produced coldfusion tutos on udemy as they will push for their own plateform.


    There is a lot of material to start more advanced topic on:

    But don’t know if adobe can use it or push back as it’s published under ‘CC BY 3.0’.

  4. I think it’s fair that they chase elearning given so many of their products are a core piece of other learning sites and they need to pay for the courses in some way. What isn’t acceptable is making learners suffer with lesser quality options. Where is the Mobile app? The offline available content? These are key elements of e-learning these days.

  5. @Charlie Surely you realize, if CF gets serious about training docs, videos, and tutorials on a like central community website, will not get as much attention. The effort and all the contributions made are much appericated, but in the end they need more than what is being done on that site to succeed to a larger scale. Developers expect it.

  6. Well if it’s buried on a where it can’t be found outright or picked up as the solution by Google, then they just didn’t build it right. If Abobe does it they should do it right.

    Anyway was just saying don’t get too attached to that baby. There might be a new more popular sibling coming to the house.

    In my proposal of I suggested the site be inclusive of community bloggers to contribute in a variety of ways (including third party domains) but done in way not to decentralize the product. That’s one of the problems I see is the product is too reliant on CF bloggers, they get built up as faces of the product, and then they leave the product in dramatic fashion causing bad PR.

  7. does not exist. It’s a redirect. If you are referring to this blog, then you don’t understand what I mean when I say a real community site. And I said exactly what I meant, CF paid the piper for not centralizing the product and relying on others to do materials for them, eventually people left and it makes it look like the sky is falling. That doesn’t mean don’t utilize them, it just means get engaged and do it smarter. The passive approach of trying to pass the responsibility on others is getting old and is not in the best interest of the product or its developers. And yes, is part of that passive approach just to say “eh, we tried”.

    Starting with the video elearning series, which had good reception and have been long overdue suggestions by the community, I hope Adobe moves forward with others, not looking back at past passive efforts.

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