Running ColdFusion 10 and 11 on Windows 10


Important update: Note that ColdFusion 10 and 11 have been updated to support Windows 10, a few weeks after this blog post was first written. Consider applying that update rather than this preliminary wsconfig update.


Windows 10 is not certified yet with ColdFusion 10 and 11. The certification will be available as part of the next update. However, you can run ColdFusion 10 or ColdFusion 11 on your development environment by following the below outlined steps. 

ColdFusion 11 32-bit/64-bit

Link for updated wsconfig.jar

1.       Please take a backup of the existing wsconfig.jar at ColdFusion11cfusionruntimelib and move it outside ColdFusion directory.

2.       Stop the ColdFusion services and remove the older wsconfig.jar. 

3.       Download the jar files from the links above.

4.       Place them in the location mentioned in Step1 and restart IIS/ColdFusion.

5.       Please take a backup of the connector folder at ColdFusion11configwsconfig[magic number].

6.       Recreate the connector and test your application.


ColdFusion 10 32-bit/64-bit

Link for updated wsconfig.jar

1.       Please take a backup of the existing wsconfig.jar at ColdFusion10cfusionruntimelib and move it outside ColdFusion directory.

2.       Stop the ColdFusion services and remove the older wsconfig.jar. 

3.       Download the jar files from the links above.

4.       Place them in the location mentioned in Step1 and restart IIS/ColdFusion.

5.       Please take a backup of the connector folder at ColdFusion10configwsconfig[magic number].

6.       Recreate the connector and test your application.


In case you will have any questions please feel free to contact us at and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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  1. I have CF11 running on my SP3 with Windows 10, with all updates installed, however it appears to be very slow on the first load the application taking 8-10 seconds. This appears to mimic the earlier IIS bug minus the web.config file from getting corrupted when it changes.

  2. hello,
    I followed the steps for coldfusion 11 64bits
    I can run the server configuration now, the handlers are created in the IIS, but I get HTTP Error 500.0 – Internal Server Error for cfmHandler.
    Am I missing another configuration ?

  3. I would make sure /CFIDE and /jakarta virtual folders exist.

    If that doesn’t work, make sure ISAPI is enabled in Handler Mappings. On my install it was disabled by default, even after you install the feature. IIS could be better describing enable/disable.

    Double click ISAPI-dll > Request Restrictions > Access > Execute translates to Enabled

    If that fails maybe you are using an IIS module that is not installed like URL rewrite?

  4. hello,
    all of the above is done, but still the problem persists.
    I hope it has nothing to do with my windows version :
    windows 10 Home single language ?

    thank you for the effort

  5. I am going to purchase a laptop with windows 10 OS, and I was thinking that how I would be able to run so many applications on it, but now at least I can run coldfusion on Windows 10. Thanks for this article.

  6. I have windows 64bits and I downloaded the coldfusion 64bits.
    restarting the IIS enables the option 32bits application to true in the defaultAppPool, it will give the 500 error.
    when I put it to false, the index.cfm is downloaded.
    It should at least behave the other way around, no ?

  7. Yeah a different bit setting could cause it. I’m running Windows 10 pro and mine does not change the bit support on restart. If your .cfm files are downloading, then they aren’t being handled properly. I would verify those are done correctly.

    Also make sure you have the tomcat ISAPI filter added.
    ISAPI Filters > Add

    CFPathconfigwsconfigmagic numberisapi_redirect.dll

  8. These instructions all seem to imply an already-installed CF11. But Mine wont install. It complains at the screen where I have to nominate the web server. Doesnt like the IIS choice. But when I try to install it using the built-in server it just hangs.

    CUrrently, it’s been 30 minutes at 12% installation, saying “Installing – check for previous version(s) of COldlFusion.”

    What now?

  9. @Rakshith

    I got it fixed. I was using the jar from the previous example.The one you included here fixed it. Initial loads are now down to a respectable 2 seconds.

  10. I find it funny that after the debacle with Windows 8, that Adobe still can’t be proactive and have all this ready for the updates to Windows 10.

    Microsoft have what they call a preview program and Adobe would it no be within your best interest to apply to that program and actually be proactive and make sure your tools and software work on these releases in a more timely fashion.

    The problem is Adobe is too old school for this modern world and unless something changes, they are going to continue to piss developers off to other languages.

  11. I followed the steps here and it works for the default cfusion instance, and I can go to cf admin on port 80 via IIS no problem.

    After I added a new instance, then I run C:ColdFusion10[instanceName]runtimebinwsconfig.exe, but it shows “Warning: Version 10.0 is installed. Supported versions are 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x”.

    I tried copying the new wsconfig.jar to C:ColdFusion10[instanceName]runtimelib and tried again, still gives me the same warning.

    How to make this work with instances other than ‘cfusion’?

  12. Please ignore my last comment. It works now. The hotfixes I installed later must have overwritten this new wsconfig.jar on the other instances. Thx.

  13. I am thinking about what to do next in my case. I have several more machines to upgrade to Win10 as well. I think my problem was that i was trying to change too many things at once. Instead, for my other machines I think i will:

    (a) remain at Win7/CF9 for now, (which is what I have on my production servers),
    (b) change from Apache to IIS (which is the web server on my production servers), then, when that’s working satisfactorily,
    (c) upgrade from CF9 to CF11 (while it’s different to my production servers, CF9 is apparently NEVER going to work with Win10), then, when that’s working satisfactorily, and ONLY then,
    (d) go to Win10.

    I think that will give me much better odds of it all working properly, because at the last step, the only part of the CF/Windows combination that is in question is the wsconfig.jar.

    What do you people think of that plan?

  14. I successfully installed the hotfix (wsconfig.jar) and ColdFusion is running now on Win 10, but the Configuration and Settings Migration Wizard hangs after I log into CFIDEAdministrator so with no way to configure I am still broken.


  15. Hi Charlie,
    What both you and Adobe have probably missed here is the fact that if you are installing on Windows 10 then in order to install the stated update, you need to access the cfadmin, but in order to access the cfadmin you need the update to get the connector. So it is a catch 22 unless you know how to work around it.
    Luckily I do know how to work round it, so I simply enabled the internal web server and used that instead to get the update.

    But for someone who is new to CF and not savvy with the server side of things, this would have caused a major headache.

  16. I think I fall in the middle. I downloaded CF 11 Quite a while ago which means I need the jar file but can no longer get it.

    @Scott, I agree. Seems like every time another version of CF comes out months after a new OS is released, you have to jump through hoops trying to get it to work if at all.

  17. What did work for me though is get a copy of the file from a working box. Allowed me to use the web server configuration tool to create the connector. Maybe might help someone who finds themselves reading it in the future.

  18. How many connection pools should I have for 5 sits with multiple users on each. There are times inn the month where the traffic will be high. Right now it keeps crashing. I keep getting a 5002 or 5009 event.

  19. The problem is you can’t get to a CFIDE to apply an update if your install of CF 10 isn’t successfully connected to your IIS site, so I need the update connector file first :'{

  20. Actually, for some reason on my new laptop the CF 10 installer just fails before it even starts. Is there an official Adobe link to the latest CF10 build online somewhere?

  21. Why should someone have to configure CF10/11 to use the Internal server, apply patches, then reconfigure CF for IIS when Adobe has clearly posted two JAR files that fix the issue? If they would just give people the login info to download the jar file they need or allow anonymous login, people would be able to fix it without needing any assistance or having to go through multiple reconfigurations. Goodness, it’s that simple. Thanks Adobe!

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