ColdFusion 11 Update 7 is available for early access

Update: Since this post was made, the final version of Update 7 was released and should be used instead.


ColdFusion 11 Update 7 early access build is now available for your testing and feedback. It includes support for Tomcat 7.0.64, Windnws 10 and Mac 10.11 along with several bug fixes.

Please note that this is a test build and should not be used in a production environment.

Refer this document for the list of bugs fixed in this update.

Follow the steps below to apply this update.

  1. Navigate to ColdFusion Administrator -> Server Updates -> Updates.
  2. Under Settings tab, check "Automatically Check for Updates" check box
  3. Change the Site URL to 
  4. Click Submit to save your changes.
  5. Under the "Available Updates" tab, click on the “Check for Updates” button.
  6. "ColdFusion 11 Update 7(PreRelease)" should be listed under the "Available updates" tab. 
  7. Click on the "Download and Install" button to install the update.
To apply this update manually, click on this link to download the update jar. To run the downloaded jar, execute the following command:
java -jar <jar-file-dir>/hotfix_007.jar
You should use the JRE used by CF for running the update jar (for standlaone CF, it should be <cf_root>/jre/bin)
MD5: 2248f3a1401fe658b40743102c5d5999
For further details on the manual application of the updater follow this help article.
The build number after applying this update should be 11,0,07,296112(PreRelease).

In case, you have configured local site for receiving the update notifications, then please take back up of the URL before changing it to the prerelease URL.

We will look forward to your valuable feedback and suggestions.

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  1. @Shawn: We have to apply this update, in order to configure connector with IIS 10. We are upgrading wsconfig tool with this update.

    On Windows 10, we can use CF’s internal web server to apply this update or apply this update manually by downloading jar file.

  2. Hi Nimit, thanks for the quik response.

    Version 11,0,04,293328
    Update Level C:/apps/adobe/ColdFusion/11/express/cfusion/lib/updates/chf11000004.jar

    I’ll try to revert to the normal update channel, redo anything it suggests, and try the prerelease one again.

    This is on a Windows 64-bit Express install, btw.

  3. @Andrew: Installer does not have support for Windows 10 and Mac 10.11. We are certifying these platforms as part of these updates. So, we have to apply this update first, in order to configure connector with IIS 10.

  4. And how do I install on a fresh machine without jumping through so much workarounds?

    Also why can’t you be more proactive and have this a lot earlier. 3 months after Windows 10 has been released and I haven’t been able to install it on my new machine, haven’t got the time to manually set it up. So I went with your competitor instead.

  5. Thanks Charlie,

    Yes, I wanted to know where and how to run the command line statement.

    I was able to install the update with your help, so thanks again.

    I need to see if you can help me with the following error:

    http error 404.0 – not found, when I try to login the CF administrator page.

    Did my update work?

    Is there something else I need to do?

    Thanks again for your help.

  6. I’ve tried applying this update via CFAdmin and clicking either download or download and install does nothing .These worked fine for update 6. Therefore I downloaded the update and tried to manually install. It says the update is already installed. I look in the hf-updates folder and it’s not there.

  7. Yes this is for the production release I’m trying yo apply update 7 to. In production at least I defintely changed the location of the scripts directory as per the lockdown guide. Update 6 worked fine along with the notification in CFadmin that it was available. It’s possible I made this change after applying update 6. I use IE 11 for CFadmin on the server where I apply the updates to the IP as per the lockdown guide. The IE version and settings haven’t changed although Windows Updates have applied the latest security updates.

    Why can’t I even manually appky the update? Is it looking at the wrong directory?

  8. Yes only single instance of CF Enterprise and version still shows update 6 version number 11,0,06. We follow the lockdown guide and we went from version 9 to version 11. So implementing the lockdown guidd along with the new updates feature is new.

  9. Thanks Charlie. Figured the automatic way at least. The reason was I didn’t have a virtual directory for my Default Source Script in the web site where I run CFAdmin from. I run CFadmin in it’s own separate site and not on sites where content is. So my custom source script virtual directory I created on the application web sites but not the site I use for CFAdmin. For that site the CFIDE virtual directory worked for CFAdmin but haven’t used the update yet since I changed the source script I guess. As per best practice I filter out CFIDE on all content sites and it’s accessible only one site.

    BTW, I tried going to CFIDE as you mention and it prompted me to save the javascript file. I assume this is because I have indeed changed the Default ScriptSrc Directory to a custom folder?

    Anyways I picked download and it worked fine and the page looks different now as it has tabs. However the manual method still says I have it applied. after the download the .jar is in my hf-updates directory and my command line is similar to yours. We use the latest JDK (8 update 71) which is installed under Program FilesJava.

  10. Sorry didn’t see this was about a pre-release.

    Figured out the manual method not working. Which still didn’t work after I selected to just Download via the GUI. The error message “This update is already installed” is very misleading.

    The problem was I was pointing the installer to ColdFusion11cfusion instead of ColdFusion for the location. We don’t have ColdFusion installed on the C drive. It finally hit me as that was the default. Worked like a charm using just ColdFusion. Just a faulty error message.

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