Closing Registration for ColdFusion Summit Sunday Workshops

We’ll be closing the registration tomorrow for the ColdFusion Summit hands on labs on November 8th because they are reaching capacity.  If you still want to register, please feel free to do so by Oct 16th to confirm your spot.


I blogged about the workshops here:


We have a pretty amazing rate at Aria for Saturday night at $179 as well, so if you haven’t booked your rooms yet tomorrow is the last day for that rate as well.


Don’t wait to register and book your rooms!


See you there!



2 Responses

  1. While the rate may be amazing it’s really not. Anyone who has stayed at Aria before knows they nickel and dime you to death. They charge resort fees which are very high AND they charge a surge charge for guests beyond 2 regardless of age. So your 1 year old gets hit with all fees as if they were an adult. They also have a room bar that if you so much as breathe on they hit you with an expensive daily charge. Nice hotel but don’t pretend it’s a great deal. You easily walk out at $300+ per day. Families much more.

  2. BTW, much better job this year at scheduling sessions. I ran through the list and don’t have any major conflicts with sessions I want to attend this year.

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