Adobe ColdFusion Slack Channel

Recently, we started an initiative to communicate more directly with our community and we have for now decided to leverage the newly created Adobe channel within the CFML Slack group.  We invite all of our community members and users to join the Adobe discussion board if you have some feedback you would like to share or communicate to the ColdFusion team.   

We will be monitoring and providing direct feedback on any questions you have, and I’ll be sure to share relevant information on upcoming ColdFusion events or plans that may be interesting.


To join slack, please sign up here:

Once you sign up you’ll receive an invite to create an account.  

Then you will need to join the #adobe discussion channel which is where we’ll be participating.


The CFML Slack group is not managed by Adobe.  This is a community-managed group and the Adobe team will be participating in the discussions.


Looking forward to having more community members join the discussions!


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