Enabling Employee Recognition in Record Time

Inspirus develops software applications that help customers inspire their workers through effective employee recognition and rewards programs. For more than two decades, Inspirus has developed its solutions on the Adobe ColdFusion platform using rapid prototyping and agile software development methods. 

“ColdFusion and agile development are a natural fit, giving us the flexibility to change direction with ease and mock up a new solution in an acceptable timeframe,” says Steve Black, Manager of Development at Inspirus. “Rapid application development has resulted in a flexible platform that supports our client-centric business model for branding client solutions in a cost-effective, scalable way.”

The Texas-based company modifies its existing code base to show customers prototypes and iterations rapidly. The speed with which Inspirus responds to customers’ needs has resulted in a pattern of repeat business. Adobe ColdFusion also enables rapid conversions of legacy systems. For example, Inspirus saved 37 days of production time, which helped get the product to market much faster than originally anticipated. http://adobe.ly/1LohV7X

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  1. So this is a infomercial blog now?

    That PDF is an advertisement, basically. There was no information or examples as to *how* they achieved any of these goals or met these challenges with ColdFusion.

    And what did they compare CF to, to get a measure of whether it actually does still compete in these areas?

    Where’s some useful information?

  2. My point was more perhaps *you* should have asked, before posting a blog article which was basically nothing more than an advert.

    I’m not that fussed what Tim got up to, but *you* should be, if you’re going to market your product.

    A case study needs to be more than sound bites and undemonstrated/unproven assertions.

    Otherwise it’s just an advert… in which case my question is: what was the thinking behind post an advert on a technical blog for which the audience has already bought-into the product?

    Shouldn’t this more be a page advert in some IT periodical?

  3. Hi Adam,

    Yes we had asked that question and the numbers which was quoted were proved by Inspirus. The case study was created to showcase what benefits CF brought to Inspirus.

    The idea behind posting it on the blogs (we would certainly do a page advert 🙂 ) was to let our customers/prospects learn about the experience of one of our customers.

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