July 6, 2015
Tournament Scorecard Pro built with Adobe ColdFusion 11 Mobile
July 6, 2015
Tournament Scorecard Pro built with Adobe ColdFusion 11 Mobile

We would like to make an announcement to highlight a great public application that was built with Adobe ColdFusion 11 Mobile Platform Tools by one of our well-known community members, Dave Ferguson.  We think the app is a great example of the types of mobile solutions that can be built utilizing the features available.

Well done Dave!  Thanks for sharing.


The application was built using these mobile features of ColdFusion 11: 

Local data storage access using components.

Remote app inspection using built-in weinre server.

App debugging during development process.  

Application building via phonegap build for deployment. 


Bootstrap was used for UI controls and layout.  

Dynamic tempting was achieved with Mustache.

jQuery and other Javascript plugins for miscellaneous UI elements.



Tournament Scorecard Pro is an app for keeping score at a
martial arts tournament.  These tournaments don’t have a scoreboard for
spectators, so it is up to the spectators to keep score themselves.  This
has historically been done with pen and paper. However, this method leads to
lost scores or other issues. With the app, spectators can easily keep track of
scores and always have them with them.  They can now easily look back at
previous tournaments for reference.  The app also helps during the tournament
when it comes to correcting scoring conflicts and figuring out ties.




Have you built a mobile application using any of the ColdFusion 11 tools?  Tell us about it!

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