Code names for ColdFusion server and ColdFusion Builder

Here are the new code names for the next versions of ColdFusion server and ColdFusion Builder. 

The next major version of ColdFusion server is codenamed Raijin. Raijin is the Japanese lightning God

The subsequent version of ColdFusion server post Raijin has been codenamed Aether. Aether is the greek god of upper atmosphere.

We continue to the trend of basing our code names on mythological characters. Also note that the next version of ColdFusion server was previously announced as Dazzle. Dazzle is no longer our code name and instead comes Raijin.

For ColdFusion Builder the next version is codenamed Blizzard (as previously announced) and the version post that is code named Avalanche.

Thanks to Dave Epler and Aaron Neff for recommending the code names Raijin and Aether.

The pre-release for Raijin will commence shortly.

Say hello to Raijin and Blizzard!






15 Responses

  1. more that it is easy to install, right from the setup without the need to do special to get it to start

    I have tried on a mac get the installation working but always fail

  2. > Aether (pronounced as Ether)

    It’s *pronounced* [ait????r] (that’s the IPA, used for unambiguous pronunciations), which is similar to the name Ethan, not Heather.

    But I’d expect most people to know that already – it’s not that uncommon a word.

    Raijin on the other hand is – I’ve no idea how Japanese treat their Js – in European languages there are at least three different sounds… Wikipedia doesn’t give the IPA for it. Ra-gin, Ray-in, Rhyin?

  3. Glad to hear CF is making a commitment to CF13. That will go a long way as we promote the use of the product in projects, now they have confidence there are 10 more years of product support.

  4. I’m pretty bummed out that you guys are already working on the next version of ColdFusion Builder without fixing the plethora of bugs and performance issues with CF Builder 3. Just take a look at the Adobe BugBase and Adobe forums. Why would I even consider upgrading knowing your track record with supporting your current products? What a waste.

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