Scheduled Task Error: Unable to display the error’s location in a CFML template

Recently this error popped up when one of our customers updated their system so we wanted to share how it can be resolved.


The following error may occur under ColdFusion Administrator in the scheduled tasks tab:

The error occurred in scheduletasks.cfm: line 188 -1 : Unable to
display error’s location in a CFML template.


This problem occurs if neo-cron.xml file becomes corrupt.



Place the following in ColdFusion11cfusionlibneo-cron.xml file and restart the Application Services

version=’1.0′><header/><data><array length=’4′><struct

Alternatively, if you have a good backup of the same file you could replace that instead of the above step.


We are unable to reproduce any particular events that cause this issue.  If you have run into the problem, feel free to indicate in the comments any potential steps that may have contributed to it.

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  1. We keep having this issue. So we have to keep an eye on our scheduled tasks and replace the corrupted neo-cron.xml file with a good backup. Any idea why neo-cron.xml gets corrupt in the first place and what would keep corrupting it?

  2. I am also affecting such error. Error occurred in my computer but it is unable to display the error’s location in CFML i will try solution which is given above….

  3. Just had this happen last night. The fix works, but note that when that file gets corrupted, you lose all your scheduled tasks and they will need to be re-input if you don’t have a backup of the .xml file.

  4. I’ve tried this fix multiple times and still no luck. I still keep getting this:
    The error occurred in scheduletasks.cfm: line 196
    -1 : Unable to display error’s location in a CFML template.

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