April 1, 2015
Installing ColdFusion Hotfix as non root user
April 1, 2015
Installing ColdFusion Hotfix as non root user
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When you try to run hotfix installer from command prompt, it opens up in UI mode and enforces you to run as root user. This is done to prevent some issues you could run into.

If you don’t have the access privileges for root account but you own ColdFusion server’s runtime user, and you might want to install as that user.  Silent installation is helpful in this case.

Step 1: Download the hotfix


Download the Hotfix from ColdFusion Administrator or directly from the following URL:

https://cfdownload.adobe.com/pub/adobe/coldfusion/11/hotfix_004.jar (Change the hotfix version according to your need in this URL)

Step 2: Creating the hotfix properties


Create hotfix properties file and fill up with the following key/values depending on your installation.
value can be a list of comma separated server instances that are
created under a particular ColdFusion installation.

#COMMAND_INSTALL applies only to *INX based systems.
1. The
parameter COMMAND_INSTALL=true makes sure that the Standalone server is started as
ColdFusion runtime user(default is nobody) rather the root user. So,
make sure to pass this param in Unix/Mac/Solaris machines.
2. $/$ makes the installer to interpret the path properly depending on
whether it is Windows or Non-Windows platform)

For JEE installation,
USER_INSTALL_DIR value is the WAR directory containing CFIDE, WEB-INF
and META-INF under it. An example is as follows:

3. And the key INSTANCE_LIST  is NOT required at all for JEE.

You are ready to run the silent installation now.


Step 3: Execute the Installer


Note: For JEE installation, you should stop JEE server before installing hotfix and restart the JEE server after installation. For standalone installation, this is automatically taken care by the hotfix installer.

1. First switch to the user you want to run in the command prompt so that the hotfix installation runs as this user.

2. Make sure that the files that are under the ColdFusion directory are owned by this user. In case of JEE deployment, owner could be different, please change those to this user once.

3. cd to the directory containing hotfix_004.jar that you have downloaded in your command prompt and run the following command.
>/opt/coldfusion11/jre/bin/java -jar hotfix_004.jar -f <hotfix_properties_file_path_that_you_created_above_in_step2>


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