Winner of the Mobile Application Development Contest

A few months ago we announced the ColdFusion 11 Mobile Application Development Contest. The entries have now been judged. Thanks to Simon Free and Dave Ferguson for their contributions in judging the winner of the contest.

We got only two final submissions for the contest although many others expressed interest in submitting one.

The two submissions were,

1. Shakesperean Curses by Nicholas Claaszen and

2. CFClient Sampler by Brad Wood

A big round of applause to both Nicholas and Brad for their participation in the contest!

The winner of the contest is Brad Wood for his submission CFClient Sampler.

Congratulations Brad. 

5 Responses

  1. maybe there would have been more submissions if there was some kind of book on mobile applications with ColdFusion 11. Whatever happened to the WACK series? From 3 books to 1 book to no books?

  2. Maybe people just aren’t interested in using cfclient for making mobile apps. How about a competition to find the best CF powered websites. After all, that’s what CF is really good at and what people are commercially using it for.

  3. I looked at the contest a few times… but I’m really busy creating an internal business system, and we don’t really need mobile right now. The good news is that I am too busy using ColdFusion to enter the contest.

    My plans lean toward HTML5 because I’ll be supporting this for many years and I’d rather maintain just one codebase. As a long-term strategy, I’d rather go with the web. Apps are great, but they get deleted. Once your client deletes your app, you are invisible to them. I can send an email link to a client who hasn’t had to use the system for 8 months, and they are right where they need to be.

    I’d prefer better PDF and Office integration tools over more mobile development support.

    I don’t mind that they put it in… and I know not everyone agrees with me, but if we’re taking a vote you know where I would raise my hand.

  4. I guess it really depends on your field of use whether you will find the mobile features useful. Some of our projects get no use out of it, but some of them CF opens up a mobile option where it would not exist otherwise under the same budget.

    I disagree with notion that the lack of entries have to do with the lack of interest of the feature. I think it’s a product of a lack of education of the feature and a lack of reward to get the attention of developers who know the feature.

    The WACK should have been out a long time ago. Coldfusion’s book publishing could really use some work. ColdFusion should also donate the WACK in video form to There are many avenues of marketing ColdFusion has not pursued that would elevate the product. I called it from the start of this that the reward wasn’t likely to catch the eye of a lot of developers.

  5. Mobile app development is not as easy as it is seeming. so it is very difficult to become the winner of mobile applications development contest. for this we should have all knowledge of mobile app development process.

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