January 30, 2015
How to debug server restart when ColdFusion services refuse to start normally
January 30, 2015
How to debug server restart when ColdFusion services refuse to start normally
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We have received few incidents wherein users were not able
to start ColdFusion services after server reboot or while restarting the
services manually.


Applications dynamically generate ColdFusion files and
sometimes also deletes them, but ColdFusion does not remove any old files from
the cfclasses folder.


If you have a huge number of websites on one ColdFusion
server, it creates thousands of cfclasses depending on number of incoming


Deleting all the class files of cfclasses folder and
restarting the ColdFusion server.

If you are unable to delete the files, rename cfclasses
folder and create an empty cfclasses in the same location.

To avoid such issues in future, you can manually delete
class files at regular time intervals.


If you do not wish to save the class files, you can disable
this feature in administrator from Server
Settings > Caching


 Save class files 
When you select this option, the class files
generated by ColdFusion are saved to disk for reuse after the server restarts.
Adobe recommends this for production systems. During development, Adobe
recommends that you do not select this option.

2016-06-17 07:50:08
2016-06-17 07:50:08

This thread helped me solve an issue I’ve been troubleshooting for the last week straight. Thank you for posting this!

2015-01-30 09:40:21
2015-01-30 09:40:21

Thanks for writing about this in detail.
Its very helpful to understand what changes we are making, and to know the consequences.

2015-01-30 09:18:11
2015-01-30 09:18:11

I appreciate the info Rahul has shared here.

That said, I think the discussion really warrants some more elaboration to help people make the right choice (among the 3 options he mentioned), and there are also some warnings I think are apt. I started to comment here but it grew lengthy (no surprise to some), so I created a blog entry instead:


Hope that may be helpful to some readers.

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