Cfgrid JS binding issue is fixed in Coldfusion 11 update 3

Coldfusion 11 update 3 fixed the cfgrid javascript binding issue.(bug number 3712909,3712885)

Prior to this, js binding was broken where as CFC binding as well as URL binding were wroking properly.

As a result pagination, dynamic binding etc were not working if js binding was used though basic static grid was working properly.

Even query columns were not getting mapped to their associated grid columns.

This had happened due to our internal upgrade of EXTJS framework which did not support js binding.

So we had to write a custom js binding wrapper to make it work in coldfusion. Now everything works fine in JS binding

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  1. I find it disturbing that I pay many thousands of dollars for an enterprise license and every hotfix/patch/update is riddled with bugs. I’m glad the internal developers are providing info, but the poor grasp of english grammar really makes me wonder about the quality of the dev team handling CF these days.

  2. I agree with you Foo Bar, in that .Net has tons of bugs with each release as well.

    But don’t include PHP in your statement, since that’s open source and people are *NOT* paying thousands of dollars for new releases of it. When it’s open source, you can expect bugs and you can also expect to fix them yourself or find your own workarounds.

    I think the point Bob is making is valid – if companies *ARE* paying thousands of dollars for enterprise products and they are being hotfixed, patched etc. causing *MORE* bugs, it does seem to take away the advantage to using a product that you pay for. If I use open source (PHP), I have to find workarounds for bugs. If I use CF, I have to find workarounds for bugs, *BUT* I now have a right to bitch!

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