October 30, 2014
Improving European education with collaborative applications
October 30, 2014
Improving European education with collaborative applications

Educators and students throughout Europe benefit from the
technological innovations that European Schoolnet builds using Adobe ColdFusion.
The consortium of 31 education ministries develops programs and projects that
benefit teachers, pupils, researchers, and industry partners who share the goal
of improving the quality of education in Europe.

European Schoolnet serves more than 250,000 users and 25
different languages with projects like the eTwinning portal, a virtual meeting
point for the exchange of information between schools. It provides all the
tools and services schools need to find partners, resources, advice, help, and
information, and even to build eTwinning projects in partnership with each
other. To support its objectives, eTwinning needed to integrate smoothly with a
wide range of third-party technologies, APIs, frameworks, and existing Oracle
databases while still aligning with the organization’s rapid development


“Development in Adobe ColdFusion is easily 40% faster than in
other development environments. Significant time efficiencies are found in
early development stages, faster coding, extensive code reusability, testing,
and debugging,” says Bart Vanhulle, technical manager and lead developer,
European Schoolnet. “In addition, any conceptual, integration, and
methodological challenges are readily addressed through the highly effective
Adobe ColdFusion online developer community.” http://adobe.ly/1xGtlOV

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