ColdFusion 11 Update 1 now available

The first update for ColdFusion 11 is now available to you for install from within the administrator via the update mechanism.

Here is the link for the associate technote which details out the important issues fixed.

EDIT: There is an upcoming update (post update 1) that has more than 100+ bugs fixed for CF10 and CF11 along with updated platform support for recent releases of OS, Application Servers, Java 8 and Databases. The intent of this first update was to release some of the critical issues blocking CF11 use sooner than making it a part of the larger upcoming update.

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  1. This is a joke, right? Adobe was only able to fix and release 7 bugs in about 143 days? It’s already sad that it takes so much time to get the first update out, but then only get 7 bugs fixed is incredible.

  2. @Reto: We understand that expectation was more bug fixes, however, the actual release of the CF11 Update 1 was still far away. Based on the criticality of the issues, this hotfix was released, before its actual schedule. Thus, it included few bug fixes, but very important ones. There would be more updates released subsequently, which will take care of the rest of issues accordingly.

  3. @Reto: This update was released to address some of the critical issues. And it not true that only 7 bugs has been fixed so far. The public bug tracker will indicate the high number of bugs already fixed. It is in the process of being certified along with updated platform support. There is another major update coming up for both CF10 and CF11.

  4. Thanks for your comments. For us users only the released fixes bugs count, doens’t matter how many you have internally fixed. It’s just that in past many times we got the hear from the CF Team that they like to increase the release cycles, but it never happens.

    There are bugs out where people start to use work arrounds because you take so much time. When you release the fixes and make it work like earlier releases the people will need to remove the work arrounds because the fix will break it now again. This would not happen if you are faster with fixes.

    And if you have already the next update comming, take 2 minutes more for the blog post and write about it. This would perhaps saved you from my comment.

  5. I appreciate expediting these bug fixes, especially since at least one of them has a direct impact on my applications. However, as a whole, I’m disappointed by how long it takes to get updates. Why can’t a small number of bug fixes get certified and released in separate updates, perhaps on a monthly basis? Why wait so long to accumulate a whole bunch and certify them at once.

    As has been stated many times by many ColdFusion users, the potential of more frequent updates with the new built-in updater was a key selling point of ColdFusion 10 (and now 11). Yet that potential has yet to be realized. This continues to frustrate and possibly even alienate the user base.

    Please, please, please – don’t hold on to fixes for so long before releasing them!

  6. I agree with others, some companies have moved to a set/standard release cycle (ship whatever is ready every x weeks). I’ve enjoyed a 6 week window from other vendors, seems reasonable.

  7. Add one to the release more often vote….

    I’ve been waiting patiently for some of the bugs marked as fixed to be released which stop me testing CF11 properly let alone looking at using in production.

    At the very least some kind of idea when fixes might be released rather than just hoping something might turn up one day (like today except it hasn’t!).

  8. 5 months to release 7 bug fixes is poor performance I don’t care how you slice it or dice it. If I only released 7 bug fixes in 5 months, I would be fired. Period.

    Adobe’s mismanagement of their product has reached a new tipping point. There are companies who *cannot* adopt CF11 until Adobe gets around to releasing a significant number of bug fixes, of which these are but a few. I will concede that these are important fixes, but are far too few to change the landscape much.

    Adobe needs to be way more agile and employ some kind of continuous integration strategy that makes use of the update functionality built into the product. We were promised more frequent release cycles… and here you are, five months into a release, offering a trifle amount of fixes and when we say something about it… ‘Suggestions considered and will be looked upon’. Thanks for blowing smoke up your users you know what. We all know how our suggestions are looked upon by the Adobe CF team – with great disdain. I mean… how dare the people who use your product demand more from you?

    I’m sorry, but this is a failure on a grand scale and I, for one, am tired of being quiet about it. ACF died this year. You even have to send your marketing team to give a presentation on why it’s not dead. You’re putting nails in the coffin daily… and no amount of presentation materials is going to change that. ACF 11 is an abject failure on every level and this ‘update’ that fixes the fewest bugs of any technology available that has fixed bugs in the same time frame demonstrates that failure quite succinctly.

  9. @Denard : Your comment is misdirected. It is not true that it took us 5 months to fix 7 bug fixes. The public bug tracker is out there for a reason. You can quickly check how many bugs have been fixed already that would be released shortly in the next update.

    Which are the companies that you are referring to that are not being able to adopt CF11 because of other un-fixed issues? And which are issues that are preventing them to use CF11? Please let me know by sending me an email about it along with their contact information – If it is a bug that we have already fixed, which I am sure it will be, we will reach to them to provide a private patch.

    Again, your last few statements of fixing fewer bugs in the same time frame is just not true. We have fixed significant number of bugs already which will be released in the upcoming update. I have also edited the post above to reflect this now.

  10. @Denard, We understand that there is more ask in terms of Adobe ColdFusion bug fixes and we are trying to fulfil as much as possible. As mentioned, there are companies who *cannot* adopt CF11 until Adobe gets around to releasing a significant number of bug fixes. This is one of the biggest reason, we released the first update. Although, the number of bug fixes are less, but these are amongst the most critical ones in ColdFusion 11. If you look at the list of ColdFusion 11 bugs, a lot of them are fixed and are in testing phase. We didn’t wait for an update including all the bug fixes, rather, one with some crucial bug fixes.

    And as Rakshith mentioned, “There is another major update coming up for both CF10 and CF11”, which will incorporate other fixes. We are just organizing the bug fixes, in terms of priorities and criticality and releasing updates accordingly. Definitely the mechanism will still remain the “built-in updater”, as per the user convenience.

    As promised, we will have more frequent release cycle and we are in process of achieving the same. And I am sure that, we will be able to achieve it with your and community’s help.

  11. Yep, like Shawn I can say I’m really glad this update got out sooner than later. I know that Adobe was originally planning to wait to bundle up a large number of bug fixes with very important additional platform changes. I for one was really hopeful that they might consider releasing even a subset of key fixes sooner than later, because some were indeed show-stoppers for may folks.

    I do appreciate some of the comments that wish there were more updates released, and we don’t know all the ins and outs involved in the decision-making (and testing involved).

    Clearly, the CF team was between a rock and a hard place, or the more apt phrase is clearly, “damned if they do, damned if they don’t”.

    One bright side to this is that many folks simply won’t install a new release of CF (or often any application) until there is a new “point release” (or in the case of CF10/11, an “update”), so at least there is now that first update. Looking forward to the bigger update ASAP.

  12. @Rakshith – To reiterate what Reto said earlier… it doesn’t matter how many bugs you’ve fixed internally – it only matters what the users can use right now – which is seven bug fixes in five months. Future updates notwithstanding, this is seven publicly released bug fixes in five months. I see nothing misdirected about this, factually true, statement.

    Adobe should be able to release quarterly bug fixes, at the very least, but realistically this particular version could have done with one every month.

    The process to fix and release updates should be what it is for, well, every other developer and company I know… find the bug, squash the bug, QA the squash, rinse and repeat if needed, vet the fix… preferably with the stakeholder who raised it, and then release the fix if everyone involved is happy it’s fixed.

    If you get two or three in a sprint, great… release them altogether as an update. You have an update system capable of handling as many or as few updates as you can put out. You already have ‘private patches’ you can provide to those affected… why then are you holding them and not simply releasing them as updates? Am I missing something in this scenario of being able to give folks patches ‘privately’ that you cannot just wrap them up as they get the stamp of approval and put them out publicly?

    Being defensive about how much you feel you’ve really done isn’t helping the situation either. Even if you release 50 bug fixes tomorrow – the fact remains that it took you five months to release *any* bug fixes. That’s simply unacceptable, and is not what we were promised. You guys set the bar – don’t be mad if I hold you to your word.

    @Anit – thank you for the clarity and acknowledging my concerns. I’m afraid I’ll have to wait and see on the broken promises, but I do have high hopes that you guys can pull it together and follow through on fixes more frequently.

  13. You can look at this update from two angles.

    Firstly, the positive point of view:

    “Yay, there’s an update”. That’s in particularly true because this update contains fixes for a few well known issues that private patches were distributed for via the Adobe Forums or various Adobe employees when being requested (such as the issue with CF not starting properly in some instances behind firewalls). Also, a lot of organisations wouldn’t even consider using a .0 release of a software. With update 1 out there, that might be an easier hurdle to overcome now — even though I’d probably argue that this update 1 rather is a hot fix combining a few critical things that actually hinder people from even using/starting the services (the long first request on IIS 8 is just another of those). So, some companies might still say: “Nope, that’s not a .1 release”.

    Also, kudos for the CF team to actually do this release to get some things out.

    Secondly, the “WTF?” point of view:

    “WTF? There are just 7 bugs being fixed in update 1?”. To be honest, I can relate to people thinking along those lines, too. Most likely that’s not the case though. I haven’t checked in the actual bug tracker (I’ve personally given up on that because of Adobe’s inability to have something that’s consistent with their internal bug tracker, but that’s a different problem), but it can most likely safely be assumed that since the release of CF 11 145-ish days ago, there’ve been more bugs fixed than 7.

    That leaves us with the question: What’s wrong with Adobe’s build/test/QA/deploy process so that they either can’t or don’t want to release updates faster? Knowing Rakshith and some of the CF team personally, I’d make a guess and say it’s not a “don’t want to”, but most likely rather a “can’t for various {corporate policy|procedural|technical} reasons”. Pick one.

    Regardless – unfortunately the current state of affairs is not good enough anymore in 2014. To be honest it already wasn’t good enough anymore in 2011 or 2012. You need to get your processes under control. Jeez, even the Creative Suite Teams release features to their products every few weeks now — it surely can be done within Adobe. If your build and test process for CF is too cumbersome to do faster releases, it seriously needs to change or you’ll end up like the dinosaurs a few 100 million years ago — you’re trying to compete with modern web technology stacks/frameworks there and there should be an update every 4-6 weeks. Having buggy .0 releases without a serious bugfix release for 5+ months is NOT what people (should have to) pay money for.

  14. @Kai, Denard: Fair points. We are taking steps to improve on quite a few axes to release faster and regular updates. I will let future outcomes speak rather talking about in the air. As always appreciate your feedback. It’s definitely not the case of ‘we don’t value your feedback’, it is more of how best we can address the feedback given the dozens of constraints we got to work with internally.

  15. @Rakshith appreciate you guys taking the time to engage with us.

    The main thing I think that is at issue here is communication. Effectively the only thing we get to see is the bug base which has a lot of bugs marked as fixed which is good. But we have no idea if / when those fixes will see the light of day.

    This is very frustrating if your waiting for a bug fix to come through which is a blocker. I have a platinum subscription and have asked multiple times about specific CF11 bugs that have been fixed but not released and get the standard response “It will be in the next update” but no idea when this will be made available.

    So all I am asking for is a little more transparency on the status of updates, even a “this year” would be better than the current situation. Perhaps an estimated timeline for updaters to be released and each bug gets tagged to its targeted updater? Even if these change it would be a step forward.

  16. @Doug: I agree and this is a part of our regular update plan going forward. I will communicate your feedback on providing a sense on when the fix would be available as a part of a particular update. I think that is an excellent suggestion.

    Also, you indicate you have a platinum subscription – I am assuming you mean platinum support. As a part of the platinum support should be able to get a fix for the issue that you are facing outside of the public update cycle. Let me know if that hasn’t happened –

  17. What is the current timeline for the release of the noted updater for CF10 and CF11? It is referred to as “upcoming” several times by the CF team, but Anit also indicated it was “… still far away” in comment #2, above.

  18. I want to make sure we have a constructive dialog. I know the Coldfusion team is working hard and things are not easy, but I do want to reiterate that a quicker release cycle with fewer fixes in each one would be helpful and also improve perception amongst the CF community and also better communication as to a time frame when things might be released would both be helpful.

    I have a lot invested in CF and the last thing I want is to feel I might have to move to another platform. Thanks.

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