Innovation to solve business problems

As a provider of
IT solutions to government and private organizations, Digicon leverages Adobe ColdFusion
to give itself a unique competitive advantage. Specifically, Digicon uses
ColdFusion to build modules for internal implementation, then rapidly provision
and host the results commercially.


Our ability to
build applications in ColdFusion and quickly deliver them to customers gives us
a huge advantage over competitors who use other development environments,
” says
Mark DeLaney, senior application developer at Digicon.


Successful projects include a youth summer job program in which Digicon
replaced 50 paper forms with a new digital application system. The web-based
system can be used on smartphones, tablets, and even video game consoles, which
encourages greater participation from youth, as well as employers. To
date, nearly 5,200 jobs have been filled, which has had a significant impact on
meeting community needs.


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