Announcing the launch of ColdFusion 11 and ColdFusion Builder 3

are excited to announce that the next versions of ColdFusion Server and
ColdFusion Builder are now live and available

Thanks to everyone from the ColdFusion community who has
contributed to this release in terms of constant feedback and support. 

Here are some of the highlights of ColdFusion
11 and ColdFusion Builder 3:

Mobile Application Development Workflow

ColdFusion 11 along with ColdFusion Builder 3 gives you a unique
end-to-end workflow for mobile application development addressing the
challenges associated with building, testing, debugging and deploying
enterprise class mobile applications – both web based as well as installed
mobile apps.

Language Enhancements

While there are a range of enhancements made to the language, some of
the features that can be called out are full CFSCRIPT support, support for
Member Functions and JSON enhancements.

PDF Functionality

ColdFusion 11 now leverages a new engine for HTML to PDF
conversion that does an almost perfect job of converting most HTML/CSS to its
corresponding PDFs pixel-to-pixel. Along with the new engine, CFPDF has additional
functionality to support digital signatures and archiving PDFs. 


ColdFusion 11 has a built-in mechanism to prevent access
of Administrator or its components from external access. ColdFusion 11 has
additional built-in functions to prevent XSS, thus allowing  concurrent logins through CFLOGIN. ColdFusion
also supports mail encryption through CFMAIL.

For a more detailed overview of what’s new in ColdFusion 11, take a
look at this
from the documentation.

ColdFusion Builder 3 bundled with ColdFusion 11

11 Standard and ColdFusion 11 Enterprise is bundled with copy (ies) of
ColdFusion Builder 3. With one copy of ColdFusion Standard, you get one license
of ColdFusion Builder 3 and with one copy of ColdFusion Enterprise, you get
three copies of ColdFusion Builder 3.

Java 7 Update 55

you may be
aware, Java has come up with an update
(Java 7 Update 55) with critical security fixes. This update was released on 15th of April. ColdFusion 11, ColdFusion 10 and ColdFusion 9 have already been
certified on Java 7 Update 55.

ColdFusion 11, all attempts were made to include this update as part of the
final CF11 installers though this was very close to our launch date. We ran
into an issue with the installer with a third-party platform used by ColdFusion,
on Java 7 Update 55. We have escalated this issue with the vendor and are
working with them for a fix. For now, the Java version bundled with the final
installers of ColdFusion 11 is Java 7 Update 51.

we fully understand the importance of Java 7 Update 55 and want to assure the
ColdFusion community that we are committed to fixing this issue. We are also planning
to replace all the ColdFusion 11 installers to include Java 7 Update 55 as soon
as we are able to obtain a fix from the vendor.

as always you can use Java 7 Update 55 with ColdFusion 11, ColdFusion 10 and
ColdFusion 9 by pointing to an external Java location.

Linux support for the new PDF Engine

Linux support for the new PDF engine in ColdFusion 11 will be available through
an update within the next few weeks.

Availability of installers for CF10 and CFB 2.0.1

ColdFusion 10 installers and ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1 installers will
only be available for download on for a limited time – till the 14th
of May, 2014. If you need these installers for later use, then please download
them before the 14th of May, 2014.

94 Responses

  1. Any reason why the downloads for CF10 are being cut off so quickly? I’m not planning on migrating to CF11 anytime soon, and it’s a pain if I can’t rely on Adobe for providing a download link for when I need to reinstall CF10.

  2. Given:

    > As you may be aware, Java has come up with an update (Java 7 Update 55) with
    > critical security fixes.
    > …
    > the Java version … for ColdFusion 11 is Java 7 Update 51.


    > The Linux support for the new PDF engine in ColdFusion 11 will be available
    > through an update within the next few weeks.


    So… why not just WAIT A BIT and release it when those things are resolved?

  3. +1 on the comments offered by Indy Griffiths (the short cutoff on the availability of CF10 installers) and Peter Boughton (releasing with a version of Java with known security issues and missing functionality for the Linux platform).

    As far as I know, this cutoff of availability of the installers for what is, as of today, the previous version at two weeks is unprecedented for the product. I would think Adobe and the product itself would be better served to retain availability for 6-12 months. I’d feel much better going to the vendor for an installer 3 months from now if something untoward were to occur and I had to rebuild a server than having to poke around on backups or turn to other unofficial download sources for one.

    Any word on PDF generation support on Mac OS X?

  4. That is *way* too soon to remove the ColdFusion 10 installers. I can’t see how ColdFusion 11 can be considered stable for at least a coupla update releases (so say min three months).

    Whilst CF 10 (and, for that matter 9) are fully-supported products, they should be available for download.


  5. > ColdFusion 10 installers and ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1 installers will only be available for download on for a limited time – till the 14th of May, 2014. If you need these installers for later use, then please download them before the 14th of May, 2014.

    That is absolutely ridiculous. This must be some sort of miscommunication right?

    So you’re saying that if I have a license to CF10 and need to wipe my server / reinstall CF10 I won’t be able to download the installer from Adobe?

    That cannot be the case. No one would be so dumb as to not see the problem with that.

  6. @Tyler: no it means you should be responsible for your own situation, and keep your original installers safe.

    If you don’t you will still be able to contact Adobe CF support and they’ll let you download it again.

    That said, it’s bloody rubbish that they’re removing it.


  7. I cannot get the cfbuilder 3 installer to work. The InstallAnywhere window is asking me to “Please select another location to extract the installer to:” I select a new folder I created C:cfbuilder3installer and nothing happens after that.

  8. You can still download CF 9… Adobe is a two release back company (always has been). So i think what they meant is that it’s going out then from the main site… you can still click on “other coldfusion” versions and get it there…

  9. Hey @Rakshith, can you perhaps smooth out some potential FUD here? Is the issue simply that the packaging-up of the Java 7 Update 55 missed the deadline, and accordingly is ColdFusion 11 still *supported* on it, even if it doesn’t ship with it?

    Or is it not supported on it just yet?


  10. here is the new EULA for CF11

    Basically summing it up…

    -You enter the agreement as CPU or VM use case.
    -If you are a CPU use case (dedicated box) then you are limited by the CPU and you get two of them per license. No core restrictions.
    -If you are a VM use case, then you are limited by the core and you get up to 8 of them per license.

    I really wasn’t happy with the prior EULA but I think this one really makes sense. Only thing I question at first glance is if I owned an CF11 Ent license and wanted to bump my VM to 16 cores from 8 cores, probably should be able to do so. However if you did want to go above 8 then it really would make more sense to just stand up a dedicated box and go off CPU licensing, which even gives you more flexibility/power.

    Thank you Adobe for GREATLY improving the EULA to make it more attractive.

  11. @Adam,

    Java 7 Update 55 is supported on ColdFusion 11 (along with ColdFusion 9 and 10). The issue is the InstallAnywhere software that is used to create the Installer packages had problems when they tried to update the Installers to package Java 7 Update 55.

    Trust me, there were quite a few of us that were pushing them to get that done for the final release. So they would have to either release with Java 7 Update 51 or wait for InstallAnywhere to fix the problem.

    Again as noted above one can always point ColdFusion to use any supported JVM else where on the system.

  12. @David: cheers. So… like… there really is no issue here, for all intents and purposes. They will release a fixed installer at some point; in the meantime, we just install using an older JVM, then point CF to use the newer one?

    Not exactly a show stopper.

    I know I complain a lot about other stuff, but this doesn’t really seem worth it?


  13. Hey Guys,
    Few quick clarifications:

    Java 7 Update 55 is a certified and supported on ColdFusion 11, ColdFusion 10 and ColdFusion 9. We never release new installers for every Java update and you are free to upgrade Java to the minor version available – this is also indicated on our support matrix. It is only since we had an opportunity to bundle Java with the new installers we attempted to make that happen and ran into an issue with a vendor platform on Java 7 Update 55. We are working with the vendor for a fix so that we can update our installers. Since the critical Java update is already supported on CF9, CF10 and CF11 this is not a major issue like some of you have been referring it to as.

    For the new PDF engine on Linux, it would have been ideal to make it available with the launch. We are very close to making it available through an update.

    And yes, I agree that CF10 installers not being available after 14th of May will cause issues for CF developers trying to say re-install CF10. We are bound by legal restrictions on not making it available after 14th of May. But having said that, we are already in discussion with the legal team to evaluate alternate options of making the installers available. Please wait for an update.

    Altering release dates and moving it out by a few weeks is not the easiest thing to accomplish through a company like Adobe that has many product launches lined up. The next window of opportunity to launch the product may be many days/months later because of other product launches. Each launch needs full attention of many cross functional teams across Adobe. We did evaluate the option of moving the release and realized going ahead with the release with an update for Linux as soon as we are ready was the best available option.

    Thank you for your feedback and I hope this clarifies some of the confusion that you may have, particularly with the Java update.

  14. On the Adobe Licensing Website the Product Installers are downloadable for all licencend products. I can currently download the installers back to CF8 there.
    So if the CF10 installers will be removed from this is not a problem.

  15. Yet again, Adobe not giving a crap about it’s customers. Cutting off the CF10 download in 2 weeks?

    Might I point out that when CF10 was released, it had a breaking bug in it until update 5, which made it completely unusable since you could DOS any CF server with one line of code?

    Remember that? Remember the issue where if you POSTED XML content that was over a certain size, the CF Server would crash completely? That wasn’t fixed until update 5.

    Remember the other issue where the Apache/IIS connector had so many bugs that they had to change the way it worked in at least 3 different updates? And prior to that fix it was unusable?

    Remember when the Adobe engineers told all of us with servers crashing that it wasn’t their fault, and it HAS to be the customer’s environments, even though dozens of users across different organizations were all experiencing the same issue?

    Remember when Adobe released CF10 and basically gave a big middle finger to everyone that had supported this dying product over the years by handwaving and dismissing our feedback about bugs and enhancements?

    And now we have effectively 2 weeks left until we can never even install CF10 again. CF10, which really was only made stable 8 months ago with the updater that addressed the remaining crashing issues?

    Yeah, no thanks. I’ve been fooled too many times. You have repeatedly spit in the face of your own customers and I hope to God that Adobe finally pays the price this time around.

  16. Just took a closer look at the CF11 EULA ( and compared it to the EULA for CF10 ( The changes regarding vCPUs need to be carefully examined.

    For example, I currently have a ColdFusion 10 Standard license (which I believe is on subscription/maintenance). Per section 3.1.2(ii) of the CF10 EULA (page 5 of the PDF), I can use that license for an installation of ColdFusion on a Windows virtual machine, provided the host does not have more than two physical CPUs. There is no mention of cores here. So my current configuration of assigning 2 vCPU with 4 vCores each is legal. Looking back at the VMWare performance data of this virtual machine, it doesn’t look like I’ve ever come close to using all those resources – but it’s nice to know I can use them if I need them.

    Per section of the CF11 EULA, I will have to significantly reduce the CPU resources granted to that virtual machine down to a total of 2 vCPU/vCore (either 2 vCPUs with one vCore each or 1 vCPU with 2 vCores), or I have to buy more licenses/upgrade to Enterprise (not likely). Here’s why:

    “For clarity, each Production Software License
    can run on a maximum of one VM instance, provided that the number of vCore/vCPU assigned to such VM is
    less than or equal to two.”

    I guess if I decide to move up to CF11, I’ll have to see if my applications will run on reduced vCPU resources. I really think the terms of the EULA with regard to Standard edition licenses needs to be revisited by Adobe.

  17. @Carl

    True, it does seem the standard license is now under its own set of limitations. I think the trend right now though is people are going with enterprise and it does make sense that you get more for paying more. If your apps are CPU intensive, yet you aren’t making use of enterprise features, then it would make more sense to get a dedicated box and take advantage of the CPU offering. While the VM offers for a standard license are limiting, the CPU offering for standard is very generous. 24 cores for $1,499 on a standard license. Even less for you since you are just upgrading comes out to a little over $31 per core which is a great deal. Course the VM route is $375 per core on a standard upgrade, so the value is really in how you utilize the license.

  18. @Shawn,

    Considering I just went through virtualizing all of my servers (I run about 15 different non-ColdFusion application servers in addition to my CF one) within the last two years, it would be a pretty difficult sell to management having to switch one application server back to physical just because the licensing has changed on it. I might consider upgrading to Enterprise, but I’ll have to wait about 16 months because of the way our fiscal years and budget approvals work.

    My main frustration is that the EULA changes happened without much advance warning. I’ve kept ColdFusion on subscription/maintenance partially to cover the version upgrade costs when a new version is released – but now I find out that I may not even be able to deploy CF11 without having to upgrade from Standard to Enterprise. If I’d known the EULA changes were coming, I could have put the Enterprise upgrade into my budget for the coming fiscal year and not wasted money on maintaining the subscription.

  19. @ Carl

    I know exactly how you feel. When CF10 came out and limited all licenses to 8 cores, we had severe licensing concerns. Our 2 cpu server dedicated boxes went from 1 to 3 licenses. We also had a couple 4 cpu boxes that bloated from 2 to 8 licenses causing most of our customers to balk on the upgrade.

    I guess there was a post for the EULA change in CF10 that I just missed. The blog was pretty new then. Not sure how those terms were accepted with severe pushback. This one there was no public posting on the details, though they did say there would be improvements to be more CPU friendly. I was pushing for details as a prereleaser, but wasn’t able to get the fine details. To be honest I’m just happy they listened to the physical server complaints, cause to stay competetive we were going to have to switch languages if CF didn’t become more CPU friendly. All of our clients are willing to buy into enterprise, but they don’t like suprise costs when a new version hits.

  20. Rakshith, does hyperthreading for Intel processors figure into calculating the core count for licensing purposes in CF11? If the virtual host has 24 physical cores, but hyperthreading makes that appear to be 48 to VMWare, how many licenses of CF11 Enterprise are required to cover such a system? 6 licenses, 12, or some other number?

  21. @Rakshith: In downloading the existing CF10 installers to make sure we have copies of them archived, I am unable to get a successful download of the 32-bit Linux installer with a matching MD5 checksum. All of the copies I have downloaded are 334,841,193 bytes in size and have an MD5 checksum of 4f473642e820db962d639a1230ee1b59 (whereas the CF10 download page lists the MD5 checksum as 792b3819594a9f5769bebc281e69cba0). All of the other CF10-related installers I have retrieved have the expected checksums. Is this a problem with the one installer image or the published checksum?

    Given the upcoming deadline of 2014-05-14, it would be good to make sure we do in fact have the needed file.

    Thanks for your help.

  22. @ wolf

    No threads don’t count, though the installer can be misleading as it does call out thread count.

    In your example of 24 cores…

    -if your server is 2 cpu’s then its just 1 license.
    -if its a VM, then 3 CF licenses on enterprise.
    -if its a VM, then its 12 CF licences on standard.

  23. @Carl: Thanks for bringing this up. The windows installers issues that you had are now fixed. Please download them now.

    @Ron: I have asked the the team that takes care of the installers on the web to fix this issue on a priority. Thanks for bringing this up.

  24. The backwards compatibility on cfChart is really bad, found serveral bugs and not one chart looks as before. Documentation about what have changed in CF11 is poor on this topic. And why is the Chart Designer (webcharts.bat) removed from the CF Directory?

  25. @Shawn

    I’m not sure I understand your breakdown. Our company is using vSphere, so we will have at least 2 hosts that the CF VMs could run on (all internal, we are not hosting sites). So if we have restrict the # of hosts the ColdFusion VMs run on, you’re saying we need 3 Enterprise licenses per VM host, or per CF virtual machine?

  26. @Rakshith: Thanks. I downloaded the 32-bit Linux installer and confirmed that the checksum for the downloaded file now matches the checksum published for that file.

  27. @ wolf

    That was based on your 24 core question. If you stand up 2 VMs at 8 cores each, then its 2 total licenses on enterprise, one for each. I don’t beleive the CPU license model covers virtualization.

    Virtualization reads:
    -up to 8 cores on 1 VM for enterprise, 2 cores on 1 VM on standard


    -up to 16GHz total for enterprise, any number of cores and VMs. So you can have 4 2Ghz 2 core VMs running on the same enterprise license. Its only 5GHz total for a standard license.

    If you are load balancing across multiple VMs I think you have to use hardware load balancing, not CF’s admin fewture to manage it, if you only have the 1 license. Unless its changed, CF’s admin version of cluster management won’t let you use the same license on each machine, it requires a unique key for each.

  28. You say:

    ColdFusion 10 installers and ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1 installers will only be available for download on for a limited time – till the 14th of May, 2014. If you need these installers for later use, then please download them before the 14th of May, 2014.

    But it is the 14th May today and I’d like to download a back up copy of the server sofware I paid a lot for.

    Where can I download CF10 from ?

  29. It appears you can (ALWAYS?) download a copy of your licensed software via the Adobe License manager.

    I assume your purchased software installers will always be available here ?? – since anything less amoounts to corporate theft

  30. 1) If is any indication of the responsivness coldfusion 11 provides, I’ll pass, Thanks!

    2) WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO PUT COLDFUSION IN THE FREAKING MENU! Multi thousand dollar product you can’t find on the site. Brilliant marketing yet again Adobe. “Top Destinations” has plenty of space.

    3) ColdFusion Builder 3 won’t color theme additional file extensions even after you add them in preferences and assign the coldfusion markup templates like *.cfm Bug 3755724 never looked at, really easy to verify.

    4) even the coldfusion builder 3 update site is broken last time I checked – I uninstalled it,

  31. ColdFusion 10 just got stable not too long ago and now we have another version already. Seems a bit too quick in my opinion. I certainly won’t be upgrading any time soon. I’ll wait for all the huge problems with ColdFusion 11 to get patched first. ColdFusion 10 was a debacle.

  32. @Dave: Yes, we did have a few connector related issues as we moved from JRun to Tomcat with CF10. It is that updated connector in CF10 that is a part of CF11 as well. So you would not see those stability issues with CF11.

  33. “So you would not see those stability issues with CF11.”

    Do you guys at Adobe have any concept of what a track record is and what it means? This comment you made is a huge part of the reason you are getting so much hostility. If you don’t understand why, then you should not be the one delivering Adobe’s message.

  34. @Roland, it seems Rakshith’s comment was very reasonable, for the specific point he was making. He’s acknowledging that the connector in 10 had bugs initially, and they were fixed (in different ways in various updates to CF10, though many people missed the note in those updates telling them to recreate the connector), and CF11’s connector includes those updates.

    So why should his saying “you would not see those stability issues” (those fixed in the connector) generate “hostility”? I’ll say I “don’t understand why”, either.

    Now, if someone read that to assert that he was saying “you will not see stability issues with CF11”, then that would indeed be unwise and could invite ridicule. But that’s not what he said.

    Or am I misreading your comment? As always, really just trying to help here.

  35. @Charlie

    His response was to a user talking about being hesitant to move to cf11 because of the issues cf10 had at launch. So yes, I think he was making exactly that claim.

    I know you’re trying to help – you have an impeccable track record of being helpful, actually 🙂

  36. Of late, I see lot of disingenuousness from Adobe that is represented by CF product manager, Rakshith.

    I have come to conclusion of not trusting what he says – he is a flip-flop.

  37. @Roland, thanks for the kind regards, but I have to disagree. I still read Rakshith’s reply (#59) the way I described it (#61), not at all how you see it. We can’t both be right. But I’ll leave it for others to decide between our positions. 🙂

    And FWIW, I do not agree at all with @Tim (#64). While I realize there have been matters that could have been handled in the life of CF11 and 10, I appreciate the work Rakshith has done. It’s not at all an easy job, as prior PMs Adam L, Jason D, and Tim B could attest, and which I considered when contemplating the role myself in the past. And this is in fact why I passed on it when last considered. It’s almost a can’t-win role. My hats off to you, Rakshith.

  38. I’m currently on CF8 and looking to upgrade potentially to the latest version of CF Enterprise(CF 11). But, I noticed that Sybase database support is not listed in the support matrix for CF11.

    Is the support for Sybase going to be added back in the near future? If not, why not? If not, how are we supposed to connect to existing Sybase databases?

    If this isn’t the correct forum to discuss this, please direct me in the right direction.

  39. I’d like to clarify a point raised in the comments above regarding CPU licensing. One of the commenters stated that the Coldfusion 11 EULA has changed the definition of a CPU, so that for installations on a physical server, each physical CPU counts as one CPU, regardless of the number of cores. But I have compared the Coldfusion 10 and 11 EULAs, and the definition of a CPU seems to be the same in both, i.e. 1 CPU = the number of cores divided by 4.

    We have a server with 2 x 8-core CPUs. How many Coldfusion 11 licenses do I need to purchase?

  40. I had a lot of trouble with CF Builder 3 recognizing the file types in my existing CF builder 2 working directory. it seems that it is better to create a new working directory and import your old projects

  41. @Brian F, care to elaborate? What prompted your comment? Also, not everyone would agree with your opinion on Adobe and especially the CF team. Seems a bit unfair to just drop that bomb here without elaboration. How are they supposed to respond to that kind of comment?

  42. Echoing what Reto Aeberli said. The charts are a catastrophe. CFChart code that has been in place for years now produces charts that look like hell and can’t be used. CF11 deployment is at a standstill while we attempt to “fix” hundreds of charts.

  43. @Paul, this is the first I’ve heard of charts being an issue in 11. I’m curious: are you (and Reto) able to confirm perhaps that the problem is not a problem of client-to-server communications, rather than a problem inherent in CF itself?

    For instance, if you are using Chrome, Firefox, or IE, and use their developer tools to see the network communications to confirm that all requests made from the client back to the server do work? There may be security protections someone put in place (like blocking the CFIDE folder) that may be causing the problems unexpectedly.

    Just sharing something to consider. Obviously this blog comment area isn’t a great place to get tech support, but perhaps you guys have tried the forums and not gotten much help. (I don’t follow all of them regularly myself to know: I follow closely only the CF admin one, focusing on troubleshooting. If you opened one there I’d see it, or if you shared the link here I and others could chime in.)

    (And if there is a known issue with CF11 charting, again it’s just news to me but I don’t mean to suggest it’s not news to others here.)

    Hope that helps.

  44. @Charlie,

    If you have used any cfchart in your application they probably not work with CF11 and if they work they will be different in style. The cause is because of changes to the underlying charting engine and it’s not a browser or communication problem.

    If you have a look at my logged issues you will see that really strange bugs appeared and that QA was missing or just poorly done.

    3756738 – style=”xxxx” doesn’t work anymore
    3756789 – empty box with empty title
    3756744 – tooltip shows wrong values
    3756754 – legend is displayed when showlegend=”no” fontbold=”no”

    Just some bugs I encountered while controlling about a dozen charts in an application. Sure there are more.

    I would have preferred that this new charting engine would been introduced in a way the user can choose for compatibility or feature. Like other major changes in third party libraries like as new tags (cfgraph/cfchart, cfdocument/cfhtmltopdf) or attributes (webservice version).

    Three months after release now, it’s time for a first update with bug fixes!

  45. Charting is definitely one of the biggest issues we have encountered. We have indefinitely suspended our upgrades to CF11 because it is going to take a large effort to get our charts looking something like they used to. And by our initial testing, we’re not going to be able to get that close – our customers will see changes. At the very least, this should be listed as a big fat breaking change warning on the release notes.

    I would file bugs, but of the dozens of bugs I’ve filed over the years, most just get ignored or postponed indefinitely, or we are told that it isn’t a bug – it is just the new intended behavior! So what’s the point?

  46. Bummer to hear that about the charting, guys. As I said, I just had not heard, but I have now. 🙁

    Roland, I’d say file those bug reports. Adobe really does listen and attend to them, maybe not as quick or as effectively as some would like. but I know bug fixing in general has been a focus of recent releases. And I’ve seen them respond to specific issues like this, too, though again not always. YMMV.

    Anyway, thanks for the clarifications.

  47. Charlie,

    I guess I would be more inclined to do so if I had some idea of Adobe’s prioritization process for bugs. Clearly my understanding of their prioritization process doesn’t match reality. But it would be nice to know that we at least have some basic level of understanding of what constitutes a bug worthy for fixing, or by what process that determination is made. No one wants to enter bug reports into a magic black box.

  48. Roland, that’s a bit shortsighted. If you don’t raise a bug, it *definitely* won’t get fixed. It’ll only take you a few min to do so, you can lobby to get some votes on it (I’ll vote, as I don’t like sloppy crap like this in CFML), and you’ll’ve done your bit to try to make the platform better.

    Or you could just complain about it 😉

    And, fwiw, it does take them an unacceptably long time, but Adobe *do* fix an awful lot of the bugs that ppl raise. Especially if ppl make a good case and get support from others in the community.

    It will also make Adobe aware that they’ve fallen short in their work quality, and the more of this we bring to their attention, the more likely it is something might get done about THAT, too.


  49. Fair points, Charlie – I will put up or shut up 😛

    But my point about transparency still stands. I think much of the hostility from the community towards Adobe would disappear with even just a modicum of transparency. I mean just *explaining* the process for determining what features and bugs they work on would be a huge show of compassion to its developers.

    I think the reason people get so frustrated is because we don’t feel like we are part of the process. And we don’t know whether that is a true assessment or not. There are a few “good ones” like you out there, fighting on Adobe’s behalf :-P, but without transparency all of the reassurances in the world are just words.

    The last time I had a bug (which was indeed critical at the end of the day), I had to ping several well-known people in the community to get attention on it. I made several paid support calls to Adobe, and they said it wasn’t their issue, even though I had a clear case demonstrating bug that would affect many customers. I appealed to the forums – no help. I entered bug reports – no response. Nothing got any movement at all until I asked one of the famous CFers to intervene on my behalf after I demonstrated it to them.

    I mean heck – have you tried calling the CF support line recently? I dare you to try it. I dare you to do it under a pseudonym and see how far you get 😛

    But I would be OK with all of that if I had an idea of how the support process was SUPPOSED to work.

  50. Has anyone had problems getting the monitor to work correctly? I can launch the monitor, but I can’t get it to start creating graphs or save settings such as alert configurations. I do have Monitoring and Profiling enabled as well as the Monitoring Server.

  51. @Aimee, there is indeed a very typical problem whereby when you first launch the monitor you may not see any of its graphs, etc. More than that, you may notice you don’t see the “start/stop” buttons in the top right. In that case, you may as well not bother trying to use anything else.

    Instead, just refresh your browser. Not with ctrl-r or f5, though. Those won’t work because the Monitor being Flash will have taken over all keyboard control. But use the browser’s refresh button, to simply request the monitor again.

    Usually, that will show you the buttons, and therefore all the other interface features.

    If that doesn’t do it, then you’d want to suspect that something is blocking access from the client to the server. That could be any number of things, such as someone blocking the CFIDE folders in your web server (for security reasons).

    I would propose that you’d want to open a browser tool to view the communications from your client to the server. I have a blog entry on finding and using those tools:

    If that doesn’t help, this may not be the right place to have an extended discussion. Better to create a new message in the Adobe CF Forums, for CF administration. I and several other folks are there to help with such problems. (Or you can hire folks, like myself. I keep a list of such at

    Hope that’s helpful. Let us know what it ended up being.

  52. @Aimee, there is indeed a “slightly” better place. There are different subforums for the cf forums, viewable from the top level page: And as I had noted, you may find you get a better response about this issue in the CF admin forums.

    Some folks don’t want to try to wade through question about all matters related to CF, which is what that general discussion area is where you place yours, but they may (like me) watch only particular subforums of interest to them.

    But that’s for another time. As for the forum entry you point to, I see that you added some new info there (not quite what I was getting at above, I feel) so I will offer a reply there, and others who may be interested in the topic can follow along there (rather than take up the discussion further here in this blog entry comment area).

    Hope that’s helpful.

  53. hi, I’m using ColdFusion 11 server standard, fully licensed version, at work.. how/where do I get a key to register trial version of builder 3 to full? Thought the server key may work.. but it does not.. thanks.

  54. Thanks Charlie, yes I was referring to the combo situation.. I’ve only recently found out about this. Anit has sorted the key for me. Thanks for the prompt and friendly service Anit!

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