Improvements and Enhancements in SpreadSheet

In the coming release we have made few updates in spreadsheet :

1. Overall performance has improved a lot. Read/write/update/format operations should be faster and consume less memory

2.  SpreadSheetWrite method now takes ’autosize’ parameter. If it is false, columns of output spread sheets wont be resized and users can avoid this expensive operation

3. New methods like SpreadSheetAddPagebreaks(adds page breaks in spreadsheet) and SpreadSheetAddAutofilter(Sets autofilter on the specific sheet) have been added

4. Internally POI has also been upgraded to 3.9 version

5. SpreadSheetAddRow/SpreadSheetAddRows/etc methods also take ’datatype’ attribute now where user can specify the datatype of data being added. In this case CF will not use default way of extracting the datatype of data being added (which sometimes lead to inconsistent behavior).

6. Tons of bugs have been fixed in this area

I will be writing in details about each point in next blog posts


5 Responses

  1. Pitty, would be nice to start of with current versions and not just POI.

    Seems like SOLR is stuck on 3.4 (current version 4.7)

    Zing Charts appears to be build 0.130812 (current build 0.140207)

    FCKEditor version (current version CKEditor 4.3.4)

    It would be nice to have a support note which details the various 3rd party and open source libraries JS and JAR which version etc.

    We have to wait a long time between releases at the moment and not having current libraries does not do any one any favours.

    Things like using a 3.x version of SOLR instead of a 4.x are mind boggling.

    Oh any news on Java 8 support as it is now available?

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