Public Beta for ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder is now available!

In case you haven’t already noticed,the public beta for the major version of ColdFusion codenamed Splendor and for the next major version of ColdFusion Builder Thunder is now available.

Here is where you can get access to the public beta for both the products on Adobe Labs –

You can quickly go over what’s new in ColdFusion Splendor here. There are also a couple of videos on the video tab that gives you a quick introduction to what’s new in ColdFusion. The link for the documentation home page is at –

There are lots of new features and enhancements in Splendor and in Thunder. We look forward to hearing your feedback during the public beta.





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  1. If we are using CF Builder 2 trial version expired, is ColdFusion thunder going to use the downgraded version via some shared encrypted setting on my operating system? Object insight doesn’t appear to work for me, which I know is disabled when the trial expires. In addition, CTRL-F brings up the standard search (maybe you changed this based on bug reports).

  2. Ram… this is typical Adobe not paying attention to the community, and doing stupid random shit (sorry, but this is the best description of how you guys understand stuff, sometimes). The ColdFusion Search was a *great* feature. What wasn’t great was that it completely prevented Eclipse’s *own* (very good) Search/Replace functionality from being accessible. That was what the problem was. So you’ve basically thrown the baby out with the bathwater, it seems.

    You guys don’t seem to understand how Eclipse and its plug-in philosophy works. Which is weird, given you’re all Java developers and I *presume* you use Eclipse on a daily basis. Still: a user does not a developer make, I guess.

    Honestly – and I said this during the dev of CFB 1.0 and 2.0.1 – Adobe needs to licence the development out to an organisation who know what they are doing (I suggested Zend). You guys clearly *don’t* know what you’re doing.


  3. Adam, since I’m not very familiar with the search issue (I never really used Eclipse prior to CF Builder) what is your suggested solution?

    Keeping both searches and allowing the developer to map Ctrl+F to whichever they found the most useful?

  4. Yes… the way the Adobe bods “engineered” the ColdFusion-specific search box, it was *impossible* to use the Eclipse one. It wasn’t a key-binding thing, they just completely made it impossible to access the Eclipse functionality.

    They should simply have added their own functionality in, and even perhaps bind the key control in place of the default one, but then still allow one to remap to the default one if one so chose.


  5. For the ColdFusion Getting Started Server, aren’t those four parameters in the “config.ini” file described in the documentation case sensitive?

    I just followed the instruction, and copied and pasted the parameter(Password_admin [P is an upper case]) from the page instead of using the one in the file, and assign a password because everything in there looked like just one comment line when I double-clicked to open it instead of using a text editor. As a result, it didn’t work.

    #Server Configurationpassword_admin=password_rds=license_key=license_key_previous=

    It wasn’t because of the duplicated lines(password_admin= and Password_admin=xxxx). It was because of the upper case ‘P’ in the “Password_admin.”

    If it’s correct, someone needs to fix the documentation to make all parameters lower case. I might be the only person to do such a thing, but just in case.

  6. Can you please add to the documentation what features will be “Enterprise Only”, since in the past so much of the touted “new and improved” features of CF are strictly for the Enterprise edition?

    If I’ve missed that information somewhere my apologies.

  7. I know this is an older post, but this seemed like the best place to put it. I’m very worried about the IIS connector. I tried CF 10 and installed it on a production server in trial mode. The server had only 2 sites. one site gets pretty good traffic each day about 8k to 10k page views. The first day I started getting pages vending from the other IIS site, before long, all domains were serving the same content… I did all the updates and did the research and it still continued the same behavior. I was restarting CF service every 6 to 8 hrs just to get it to work correctly. I eventually had to downgrade back to CF 9 which I was planning to upgrade from. I’m a big CF fan, have been since 1996, but I’m worried about putting v10 on my server and want to know if the connector issues have been addressed in v11? thanks.

  8. “@Mitch, Thunder is a complete re-write and we haven’t implemented quick outline (ctrl+o) yet. We certainly would implement it, but I can’t assure you that it would be in this release.”

    I will need this fixed before I can use cfbuilder. Seems odd that this basic functionality was missed/removed?

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