November 4, 2013
ColdFusion case study: ITRX Corp.
November 4, 2013
ColdFusion case study: ITRX Corp.
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One of the world’s leading open-source research websites was
experiencing performance issues because increasing volumes of data were taxing
the system’s available memory. To solve the problem, the Social Science
Research Network (SSRN) called on ITX Corp., an IT solutions provider. ITX
rebuilt the site using Adobe ColdFusion,
which helped eliminate memory problems, cut development times through the reuse
of modularized code, and streamline SSRN’s web technology infrastructure.


“Not only did the upgrade to 64-bit Adobe Cold Fusion help stop
server crashes, it also helped reduce the number of servers SSRN needs to run
its site,” says Fernando D’Agostino, lead architect at ITX. “Previously, SSRN
had 14 servers. Now it has 8, which reduces costs associated with server
purchases, maintenance, and support.”

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