Thank you for making CFSummit 2013 a success!

I thank each of the 503 attendees for the overwhelming response and great feedback for the first ever ColdFusion conference from Adobe. The positive feedback post the conference on social media – Twitter, Facebook and the blogs has been really encouraging. We have also made note of some of the improvements that have been suggested and will work on those for a better CFSummit next year.

The conference would not have been successful without the efforts from all the speakers. We had more than 1500 session surveys from the audience and the average session rating was a high 4.3/5 across all sessions. Kudos to each of our speakers!

A great line up of speakers and sessions was possible only because of the Content Committee. Thanks to Tim Cunningham, Dan Wilson and Jason Dean for helping us in the Content committee.

And finally, thanks to all the Adobe staff that ensured the event was successful.

CFSummit also gave Adobe an opportunity to showcase both the current and future of the product and receive valuable feedback from the community. We have responded to the feedback about lack of ColdFusion developers with two initiatives that can help increase the number of ColdFusion developers. One is the introduction of new curriculum to promote ColdFusion in education and the other is re-energizing ColdFusion User Groups.

We now have a new “Introduction to Web Application Development” curriculum available to be taught across various colleges and universities. Three colleges have already adopted the curriculum and many more will adopt during the upcoming Spring semester. Anyone from the ColdFusion community, who helps us in getting leads or contacts to colleges/universities eventually leading to a successful adoption of the curriculum at one of those colleges/universities, will win an iPad from Adobe for their contribution! Do reach out to me via email if you are keen on helping us with the contacts. Email:

The number of active ColdFusion User Groups has also increased from 22 earlier this year to more than 70 now. We will continue to make progress here. If you have any issues related to User Groups, including starting a new ColdFusion User Group, reach out to Kishore Balakrishnan, Product Marketing Manager for ColdFusion. Email:

These initiatives take time before it begins to make a significant impact. We at Adobe are aware of this and are willing to be patient to see these initiatives contributing to the future of ColdFusion. On a related note, it was heartening to see quite a lot of new CF developers at the conference.

We are very pleased with the outcome of CFSummit2013 and are looking forward to seeing you all again at CFSummit 2014.

Until then, continue to rock with ColdFusion!

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  1. Since bugbase is currently broken -again-, maybe this can reach whoever it needs to go to. You’d think for paying a ton for multiple enterprise licenses, I’d be able to find a contact number for someone.

    Username: Jim-sama

    Product: ColdFusion
    Version: 10.0
    Product Area: AJAX
    Frquency: All Users
    Failure Type: Data Corruption
    Build: Final

    Title: Bug 3337394 is NOT fixed: Function SerializeJSON() converts employee’s last name (“No”) to boolean false in JSON output

    Problem Description:
    Lets try this again with more concrete examples. Hopefully it will actually be fixed this time.

    When using SerializeJSON() to convert objects to JSON, one employee has their last name of ‘No’ converted into a boolean false value, which breaks a lot of things.
    I have tried javacasting as a string, placing in a cfc as a property with string type, always gets converted back to boolean false. There needs to be an optional flag for SerializeJSON() to ignore converting Yes/No strings to boolean values.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    variables.s = {
    “lname” = “no”

    variables.json = SerializeJSON(variables.s);


    Actual Result:

    Expected Result:

    Any Workarounds:
    variables.s = {
    “lname” = “no__”

    variables.json = SerializeJSON(variables.s);

    WriteOutput(Replace(variables.json, “__”, “”, “ALL”));

    Test Config:
    My Hardware and Environment details:
    ColdFusion 10,285437
    Windows 2008 R2 x64

  2. I want to echo what others have said: GREAT CONFERENCE! very much looking forward to CFSummit 2014!

    I too am interested in the CF training curriculum. Please send details as they become available.

    PS: Why do some of the sessions disappear and then reappear on Event Surveys section of the conference website? I’m having difficulties completing my session feedbacks.

  3. Very sorry not to have been available to come to CFSummit2013, coming from a small CF Shop in England, UK we are always interested to know what’s coming up from Adobe CF.
    Please also give further details of the colleges who are already engaged with Adobe’s new course curriculum and also send details to me so that Ouse Creative may promote this here in the UK.

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