CFSummit Mobile app for Android and iOS

I am pleased to let you know that there is a mobile app available for iOS and Android for the Adobe ColdFusion Summit happening in Vegas.

Here is the link for the app on Google Play. And here’s the link for the app on iOS.

The best part about this is app is that the entire app is built using the new Mobile features coming up in ColdFusion Splendor and ColdFusion Builder Thunder. The code for the app will be shared after the CFSummit.

You can view the entire schedule of the conference, create your own schedule, submit session and conference surveys, follow Twitter feed and even receive conference notifications.

Go ahead and play with the app before you arrive at the CFSummit next week.

See you all in Vegas at the largest ColdFusion conference in recent times.




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  1. Yes. I get the impression many people thought it would be a native app. I actually prefer this approach, so you can use web skills to construct it and it takes less time/overhead. Hopefully enough people will adopt web standard apps and then the OS builders will help bridge some of the device limitations. Sure its not going to have you building games in it, but that’s not the purpose.

  2. @Issac: Yes, it is a Phonegap app.

    @Shawn: True. That is the advantage of Phonegap based apps. ColdFusion Splendor has integration with Phonegap to ease the process of building, testing and debugging web or installed applications,

  3. OMG please don’t release apps like this to show off Coldfusion! This is awful, how can Adbobe the home of Creative Cloud let this go out the door! Please concentrate on fixing CFML and not reinvent PHoneGap!

  4. I was a bit surprised that there is no update post CF Summit on…anything. Has Adobe announced a timeline for releasing Splendor? Any new details? The dearth of information, again, makes people wonder about the state of CF. Imagine Apple having a conference and following up with absolutely no information about their products!

  5. @Brian I was about to say the same thing. There’s no official post or video covering CF Summit anywhere. I really want to know what’s the news about Splendor features and the next version of ColdFusion Builder.

  6. CF11 is in 2014, they didn’t say when, but I assume its end of Q1, being they have a self proclaimed rapid release. No MAX like annoucement on the when and where of the next conference, though they did say the goal was annual. I attended and I felt pretty good about the future of CF, they seemed to have a good understanding of hindering issues and the new mobile and PDF features looked pretty nice. They are also aware the licensing is a bit dated, so there should be some changes there in a positive way. CF12 will focus on language revamp, mainly around performance at the expense of breaking some backwards compatability, but nothing mentioned seemed like it would create a big headache for previous version users.

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