ColdFusion – Clarification to David Wadhwani’s comment

David’s comment on the TechCrunch article about Enterprise developers and backend tools is not targeted at ColdFusion, but towards other products that Adobe announced in 2011

There has been no reduction in investments in ColdFusion over last few years. We see exciting opportunities driving the future of ColdFusion and we will continue to make investments that the opportunities demand or need. 



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  1. David might not have been referring to CF specifically with his comments, however, the fact that he didn’t address CF at all says something too.

  2. Because this seems to have created some controversy, I transcribed the relevant part of the interview.

    David: “For user interface developer, user interface designers, I think you can see us continuing to accelerate our focus. We’re 18 months into some of the work that we’re doing around Edge. And those sets of activities – you should expect to see them accelerate, especially as some of the contributions we are making to the browsers themselves come through. And I feel very good about that.

    And then – that’s it – we aren’t as focused as we have been in the past on enterprise developers – and by that I mean the back end, Java developers and things. We see some great technologies out there and options for them. But what we are focused on is making sure that the user interface designers and developers that use out capabilities can interact and engage with those developers in a good process.””

  3. Until Adobe has a real developers conference and puts back in place product evangelists/marketing that actually support the community there is no promise of future growth in the platform.

    Lehman, Camden, Ryan, Gifford and others are all on other products and that says enough.

  4. When Adobe adds ColdFusion to the main products menu, then I’ll believe they care about the future of ColdFusion.

    As it stands, the only link I can locate from the normal menu system to coldfusion is the all products page.


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