How to download and install ColdFusion 10 Hotfix directly?

You can download the hotfix directly from the following URL (This example assumes that you want to download Hotfix 8)

Similarly, for update 10, it is as follows:

If you want to download earlier/newer hotfixes replace the jar path in the above URL with the hotfix number that you want.


Download/Copy this hotfix_008.jar to a any directory on your machine where you want to maintain repository of Hotfix installers.

And then open the command prompt (with Run as Administrator” option for all Vista/Win7/Win8 family OSes
and in case of Mac OS X/Unix/Solaris you have to run hotfix with sudo user or root user.)

Then run the just downloaded jar file from command prompt:
First cd to where it is downloaded and then run as follows. Change path as per your installation.
>C:ColdFusion10jrebinjava -jar hotfix_008.jar

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  1. Does anyone have a link to the CF10 Developer installer for the Mac, 64-bit version? The download link on Adobe’s website is not working, and their truly wonderful support is saying I have to open a tech-support case that will take 2-3 days to resolve.

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