ColdFusion Builder Usage Survey


Here is a survey to understand the usage of ColdFusion Builder as an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for developing ColdFusion applications.


The information gathered here will help Adobe prioritize on areas that need focus or improvement to keep up with the changing needs of ColdFusion developers.


Thanks for your time to respond to this survey.


3 Responses

  1. A coupla observations regarding the questions:

    There was a question which asked how important “Advanced find and replace” was. Having a good regex search and replace is essential to me, but Eclipse has that by default. I think you are referencing some other feature of the full version of CFB which I don’t use here, though?

    Similarly how important is “Professional coding tools”. Having this for CFML is essential. Having it for all the other things you list (CSS, SQL etc) is a mistake in CFB. You seem to miss the point that CFB is built on Eclipse, the raison d’etre of which is it’s plug0in based. If I want a CSS editor, I’ll get a plug-in. Same with anything *other* than CFML stuff. Just focus on CFML for the CFML plug-in, and leave the rest to other people. There’s too much room for improvement in just the base CFML support for you to think about anything else, and it’s outwith your remit for CFB anyhow.

    There was a question “Are you satisfied with the following features of ColdFusion Builder?” there was no option for “do not use”, which would have been my answer for almost all of them. I think you’re going to get skewed results for this question.

    Will you be publishing the results of this?


  2. Yes, it is pointing to the advanced find and replace feature specific to ColdFusion Builder, not the one from Eclipse.

    While I agree with you that CFML should be the primary focus for ColdFusion Builder, web application development involves SQL, CSS and good amount of JavaScript. ColdFusion developers use these other technologies within the same CFM file to build applications. Yes, you could install additional plugins within eclipse, but it still involves going back and forth between plugins while working on the same file. This has been expressed as a pain point. CFB users prefered to use CSS, SQL and JS editors within CFB. Many of the CF developers have also indicated that they prefer to use DreamWeaver for its JS, CSS and Visualization support. So there is no reason for us to ignore CSS, SQL or JS.

    Valid point on the satisfaction question. I included another option (Not applicable) in the survey now to remove the confusion for people responding from now on.

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