Survey on the ColdFusion Summit – a two day ColdFusion Conference from Adobe

We announced our plans on a full-fledged ColdFusion conference this year. Here is a follow up survey to capture your inputs and feedback. As always your participation in the survey is highly appreciated. This is also your chance to let Adobe know how you would like to see the new conference on ColdFusion shape up.

Here’s the survey link

As you are also aware, due to MAX’s focus on Creative Cloud tools and services, there are no ColdFusion sessions at Adobe MAX this year. The unconferences too are going to be dedicated to those that support the Creative Cloud offering. So it is unlikely that the ColdFusion unconference will happen at MAX this year. But the good news is that we do have an exclusive ColdFusion conference planned. Please participate in the survey and give us your feedback.


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  1. Just took the survey. Las Vegas would be an awesome location! Excited for this conference! And I think by pricing it so aggressively a lot of people won’t have to decide between CFObjective and this, they can hit up both. You guys rock!

  2. @Brad: Great. The details are being worked out. We are looking at October as the timeline for the conference.

    @David: Thanks! Look forward to meeting you at the conference.

    @CFer: The update is that we will have this conference for sure this year. We are looking at october as the likely month. But please wait for a formal announcement to come out regarding this.

    @May: As I said, the conference will happen this year, most likely in October. Please wait for a formal announcment on this.

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