Learn CF in a Week!

I am pleased to announce a brand new community driven training program for ColdFusion – Learn CF in a week!

It is great to see Learn CF In a Week live from what started out as a conversation about training resources for ColdFusion between Simon and me at cf.Objective() this year.

Huge shout-out to Simon Free and other community experts for making this happen. I would like to call out all contributors from the community for this traning program that walks you through various concepts of ColdFusion as you build a fully functional ColdFusion website


• Emily Christiansen
• Tim Cunningham
• David Epler
• Sam Farmer
• Dave Ferguson
• Simon Free
• Paul Hastings
• Guust Nieuwenhuis
• Dan Skaggs
• Nic Tunney
• Adam Tuttle
• Dan Wilson


• Mark Esher
• Kristin Ferguson
• Tiffany Goebel


• Nick Borden
• Jim Priest

Go try out the training for yourself! And help spread the word!


13 Responses

  1. I’m working my way through it, casting a technical/critical eye over it, and it’s looking really good so far.

    I’ve found one bug though (some guidance is incorrect)… is there some way of reporting these?

    Good work, all involved!


  2. Excellent resource! Also looking thru it as I have time. Minor nit: [cfif -1]negative numbers are true[/cfif]. I agree this will grow CF adoption. Great job!

    Oh, CF10 added [cfloop query=”q” group=”col”] and CF9 added db-independent queryResult.GENERATEDKEY (why is GENERATEDKEY still undocumented in CF10?).


    P.S. Used square brackets, instead of angled, b/c the blog thought my comment was spam.

  3. Hi Simon: thanks for the email address, I’ll use that. The wee bug I found was the same one Aaron (or “Hawk-Eye”, perhaps 😉 found, so I guess you’re on the case.

    I’ll be reading through things properly over the next few weeks, so I’ll let you know if I spot anything else.

    Good work.


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