ColdFusion 10 support on Windows 8 and OS X Mountain Lion

[Update: Support for Windows 8 and Windows 2012 announced for ColdFusion 10 and ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1 : link]

The support for ColdFusion 10 on Windows 8 and OS X Mountain Lion is coming. We will be releasing new installers to support these new platforms. While it is not possible to point out the release date for these installers at this time, the installers will be made available in the next 3-5 months time.

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  1. CF 10 was not officially supported over Win8 and Mountain Lion, once released.


    As per the demand and necessity of the time, CF Engineering team is taking related decisions and therefore a time-frame of 3-5 months is showcased.

    Post that time, if anyone still has concerns for the installers, they can approach Adobe CF tech support at:

    Hope this helps.

  2. now let me get this straight. Mountain Lion has been officially out for 2 months now, and about 4 months previous to that as a developers releasee. And we are not getting any official support for CF10 for another 3 to 5 months?

    Is the the improved support developers were promised for CF10?

  3. Just correcting on one point:

    “As per the demand and necessity of the time, CF Product Management team is taking related decisions and therefore a time-frame of 3-5 months is showcased.”


  4. I have to wait another 3-5 months until I can upgrade my mac servers to 10.8?? I thought it was bad I’ve already waited 2 months, this is crazy. I love coldfusion but am considering making the switch to php.

  5. @adam
    If you were not a Mac user you would actually understand computers. If you actually understood computers, you would know how easy it is to get Coldfusion working on 10.8.

    You never had to touch apache.conf when you use PHP? Not even to setup a site? LOL! Quick, grab your Mac and go vote for Obama!

  6. @Rakshith, Thank you for the information I am looking over the documents. I understand there are always workarounds, I was just shocked that the released version is not yet compatible without the workarounds.

    @papi not sure why you are off topic/condescending but I have been running windows servers for the last 10 years and recently decided to add a couple of mac servers. I am not going to comment on the Obama comment as I do not want to start an off topic thread. Thank you.

  7. @Adam maybe papi’s condescending reply was because of your somewhat unreasonable threat to rewrite all your current coldfusion apps in PHP rather than just checking for a workaround.

  8. It is a problem to take pre-release of somebody else’s product as the basis of your own product development. In the case of Windows 8 there were many different pre-releases and a lot of instability. When Microsoft delivered the final manufacturing pre-release to partners, Coldfusion 10 had already been released.

  9. This is not very competitive.
    For example Railo and Bluedragon have support for win8, server12, Mac OSX lion. These are orgs with far more limited resources than Adobe.

  10. Sorry to beat a dead horse, but the CF team needs to understand where we are coming from. The main argument for ACF is its great support. However the fact that my Railo instance works great on my Win 8 machine and on my Mountain Lion laptop while ACF crashes throws that whole great support argument out. My Win 2012 Server test was about the same experience. Sure I was able to get CF10 running w/o a problem on OSX ML is fine but on WIN 8 it just crashes horribly. AS person who spent the last 10 years defending ColdFusion from a slew of attacks. I am frankly #$#$ sick of the horrible support and buggy releases that are being produced.

  11. @GMS: I completely understand where you are coming from.

    Yes there were a few issues with the updates. But those have been sorted out now.

    Please be assured that the product team at Adobe is making every effort in the best interest of developers like you, who are loyal to ColdFusion. We are working to make available the support for new platforms as quickly as possible.

  12. It’s pretty discouraging that Adobe seems to be taking its time with providing a version of CF 10 Developer that developers using Windows 8 can use. Makes me question if CF will suffer the same fate as Flex. I’m hoping for a CF 10 installer soon.

  13. I too am amazed that no installer has been released to support Win 2012 Server or Windows 8. Because CF10 works just fine on 8 and 2012 it is just the installer. May I repeat it is just the installer! How long can it take? My first experience was upgrading instances with CF 10 on Win 7 to Win 8 and then Win 2008 R2 to 2012. CF 10 works as expected. Then to my dismay today I need to install CF 10 developer on a new Win 8 instance. Surprise! no can do. Anyway, I just installed Win 7, then CF 10 Dev and upgraded to Win 8. As others have pointed I had no problems with Railo or Bluedragon installs.

  14. Adobe products have gone downhill since outsourcing development to India. Sorry, it’s just how I see it. Bring development back to the USA and I’ll consider using it again. It’s too frustrating WAITING FOREVER for compatibility releases and bug fixes.

  15. @Leon: We realize how important it is to providing this support. We are working towards making this available as soon as possible.

    @Wil: Yes we have heard of workarounds for running CF10 on OS X 10.8. Official support is on its way.

    @Casey: We are working on it. We will begin working on the metro server monitor app only after providing the platform support 🙂

    @Mauro: While I cannot put down a hard date against the date of support, you should see the support being available in less than two months from now.

    @Matt: We understand the importance. It will be made available soon.

    @Tim: Along with the installer changes we also perform a series of comprehensive testing to ensure that new platform is supported across myriads of possibilities and features. All that is happening and it will be supported soon.

    @Larry: I think your comment is nothing but stretching your imagination a bit too far. We have an excellent team of Engineers that any product team at Adobe can be proud of. While I understand the frustration of having to wait for this update, your comment on development happening in India is simply not justified.

  16. Rakshith, I think your comment about having “an excellent team of engineers that any product team at Adobe can be proud of” is stretching anyone’s imagination a bit. An excellent team produces products that work. Pretty simple. Where is your quality control? And, the lack of quality goes beyond Coldfusion. Look at Adobe FrameMaker. It simply STOPPED LAUNCHING for (I think for everyone) on Jan 1, 2013. Users had to download a patch for it to launch after Jan 1 or set their system clocks back to some date prior to Jan 1, 2013. Is that really excellent work? To me, that too is horrible quality control.

    I do regret my comment about India, and for that I apologize, but everything else stands. The quality has been slipping for just about every Adobe product I use over the past five years. Is it the programmers? Poor quality control? Poor program management? Or…? I don’t know. I just know what I see and experience.

    I do hope things improve with ColdFusion. It’s my favorite web development environment.

  17. @Larry: You seem to regret your comment on offshore development and you come back with a reference to a transition happening to India. What is your point anyway?

    Well, support for a new OS doesn’t amount product not working. Our research indicates that the adoption of Win server 2012 has not picked up yet and Win Server 2008 continues to be the ubiquitous choice. That said we are not ignoring new platforms. We have attached enough importance to this support and are working on providing this support soon.

    >>I do hope things improve with ColdFusion. It’s my favorite web development environment.
    I do realize your intentions Larry. We are striving hard to make the product more successful. Take a look at the recent blog post that I made on updates and initiatives here: This would perhaps give you some confidence on the Product Team and the Management.

  18. Just had the same issue setting up on a rackspace cloud server! Decided that rather than rebuild with 2008 R2 I’d try something off the wall – Install Railo! Worked perfectly – This could be just the kick I needed to shift away from Adobe – They’re too slow to respond in my eyes and I’ve only heard good things about the Railo team

  19. The killer statement here is 3-5 months, counting from September 2012. So Adobe’s ColdFusion Team has until February to do or die. In the meantine, we, ColdFusion Developers, should show them some understanding, and courtesy. As fellow software professionals, we have all encountered delays and demons derailing our projects towards Complexity land.

    Incidentally, the ColdFusion language has experienced a quantum leap since it went to India. Only my opinion.

  20. I was able to get the CF10 installer to work after upgrading my Java on Mac OS X 10.8.2. Mountain Lion. This was a local host development install. Hope this helps other users having install issues on OS X.

  21. We ready for a pre-release for Windows 2012 server, Windows 8 and OS X 10.8. I will soon be making a post asking folks who are interested in participating in the pre-release to participate in the pre-release give us feedback on the support.

  22. What are the chances that Adobe will meet their self-imposed deadline of February 22 (5 months) will a fully-tested release of Coldfusion 10 for Windows Server 2012? I have to migrate a server before March 1st and want to deploy my CF10 enterprise license on WS2012.

    In my opinion, a ‘untested’ pre-release made available before on or before February 22 is completely unacceptable. As you stated on January 13 Rakshith, “Along with the installer changes we also perform a series of comprehensive testing to ensure that new platform is supported across myriads of possibilities and features. All that is happening and it will be supported soon”.

    Has this ‘pre-release’ (when it is finally made available) passed all of these unit tests or not?

  23. Guys, here’s the update.

    We are very close to making the new installers available. In fact we are less than a couple of weeks away. Although I do agree that we have not been able to meet the 5 month target that we set for ourselves. I apologize for that.

    The upgrade of the bundled JRE 1.7_13 in the new installers to JRE 1.7_15 affected the schedule at the final stage. This was because of security vulnerabilities in JRE 1.7_13 and we took a call to not bundle update 13, but replace it with update 15. But having said that, I understand the frustration that this might have caused to you and others. Please understand that we are sensitive to your needs and are making every effort to make sure that the new installers are available as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your patience.

  24. The security hole was a big fix, so I don’t blame them for making that the priority.

    As far as Windows Server 2012 I’m mulling that one over now vs staying on 2008 R2 for a new deployment. 2012 is really love and hate. Love the site features, IIS is getting better every version. Hate forced metro, windows 8 only for RDS, and a default shell command install, has me wondering where exactly they are planning to take future versions of windows server.

    Not having the install available yet definately has me leaning towards R2. Not all Adobe though, he is correct it has not been well recieved so far. Most IT are on Windows 7 these days, and Microsoft has been pretty firm on only Windows 8 compueters can manage Windows 2012 Server. Microsoft is taking a ton of heat for that, but they don’t seem to care. Least Adobe usually listens to its user base.

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