Working with ColdFusion Server on Non-English OSes like French/Turkish/Russian/German

Recent releases of ColdFusion are released only for English and Japanese OSes.

However, if your native OS is not in one of these two languages, you can workaround as follows to default to English.

On your native OS(Say French OS) install the ColdFusion server product. The installer will guide you through in English.

Once it is installed if you try to open administrator it will be blank page.

To workaround this stop the server. Then open jvm.config file under <CF_Install_home>cfusionbin

the java.args value with the English language in this file. Since other
languages are not supported you have to force the server to default to

The updated line one looks as follows:

-Dcoldfusion.home={application.home} -Duser.language=en

After doing this restart the server. Now if you launch the administrator it will show you up in English. 

More details can also be found at: ColdFusion on Non-English OS

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