New Product Marketing Manager for ColdFusion


Please welcome Kishore Balakrishnan, who will be the new Product Marketing Manager for ColdFusion.

Minu has decided to move out of ColdFusion PMM role. She will be transitioning the ColdFusion responsibilities and relationships to Kishore. 

Kishore has been with Adobe for more than 6 years now, performing various roles across multiple Adobe products. Kishore does bring a user level experience of ColdFusion, which is a big plus.


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  1. Maybe Kishore will actually get Adobe to market Coldfusion. Trying to even find Coldfusion on Adobe’s website is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There is NO mention on the home page. It’s buried under ‘more products’ like a red headed step child. It needs to be highlighted and focused on so people know what CF is, what it can do, and why it is great. As CF developers we spend too much work educating clients on it for them. Adobe doesn’t have to convince designers they should use Photoshop and we don’t have to convince our clients how good Photoshop is. Why can’t Adobe do the same for Coldfusion. It really is a fantastic product that deserves more.

  2. I’m with Eric on this one, they launch ColdFusion 10 and don’t even mention it on their homepage, then you need to dig through layers of menu options.

    Just 1 simple menu item with ColdFusion on the main products dropdown would be nice.

  3. Thanks for the news. Does Kishore have a blog or E-mail where we can talk to him? I was just noticing this week that sites like ZDnet used to have articles on ColdFusion and its amazing new capabilities (circa 2008), but it seems hard to find anything current outside of our little CF community regarding ColdFusion on reputable sites. Definitely a marketing/evangelism issue.

  4. Great!, CF needs…no…urges effective marketing.

    Just to point it out…CF10 doesn’t have even a small banner or link in adobe’s main web page…one have to navigate in the product lists!!!

    CF is a great product…need to promote it even more…

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