Java 7 support for ColdFusion

[updated as the Java EOL date is now Feb, 2013]

Oracle has announced that updates to Java 6 will no longer be available post February 2013 in the Java SE 6 End of Public Updates Notice posted here.


We are aware of this and wanted to assure you that Java 7 support for ColdFusion 10 and ColdFusion 9 will be available through updates. The updates will go out before Java 6 will be EOLed in February, 2013.


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  1. Great news, Rakshith! I posted a CFDocument / Java 7 bug a while back but can’t find it in the bugtrackers now, so I’ll ask here: With CF9 on Java 7, if I use textarea within CFDocument, with format=”pdf”, I get an error (I can provide all details if you need it). Do you know if this has been fixed? Thanks.

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