July 31, 2012
ColdFusion Installation failure if username contains ‘$’
July 31, 2012
ColdFusion Installation failure if username contains ‘$’
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Problem Statement:

If the username of the machine contains two or more $s in it and if this subdirectory of user-home is the temp directory of your machine(i.e System temp path containing two or more $s  in it), then your installation would fail.

Example: A system’s username as Admin12$01$

Installation last screen message:

 “Install failed with some errors, check the Install log for more details”

 Following are the errors that are result of this issue:

Custom Action:            …ia.action.PreInstallCheckAction

Status: ERROR

Additional Notes: ERROR –     class ia.action.PreInstallCheckAction.install() Unexpected Fatal Error:


Status: ERROR

Additional Notes: ERROR – windows_basic_commands.xmlcom.macromedia.ant.windowsdll.


Execute ANT Script:       Script: configure.xml


Status: ERROR

Install Merge Module:     Z:installersCFSolrinstallersmergemoduleCFSolr_windows.iam.zip


Status: ERROR

Additional Notes: ERROR – java.lang.NullPointerException

ANT Script Error:


Status: ERROR

Additional Notes: ERROR – configure-dlls.xmlcom.macromedia.ant.windowsdll.ExecProcess.


Fix/Workaround for the Issue:

 Two ways are there to work around this issue:

      1)      Set up the machine’s temp path to any path that doesn’t contain $ in it and then run the installer. It would work fine.

For Example:

For Windows – Under “Environment Variables” you can see the variables TEMP and TMP. Currently, they would have been pointing to %USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalTemp

You should be changing these values to something like C:MyTemp (Make sure that the directory MyTemp exists in your machine)

After changing these varaiables clean-up/uninstall the old installation and re-run the installation. 

For Unix – Set the environment variable IATEMPDIR to a location that has enough space and the path shouldn’t contain $ in it.


2)    Other way is to change the username not to contain $ in it and then uninstall and re-run the installation again.

You can also refer these details at: ColdFusion Installation Failure Fix


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