New Year, New Beginnings

Welcome to the new Adobe ColdFusion blog. 

If you have not noticed it yet, this blog runs on ColdFusion and MangoBlog with a new domain name. The content of the old blog on has been fully moved to this new blog.

Going forward you will see us more active on all social networking channels where we will reach out to you with more news and updates about Adobe ColdFusion.

Be a part of the Adobe ColdFusion page on FaceBook by clicking the like button on the pod at the right if you are not a part of the FaceBook page already.

Follow us ( @coldfusion ) on Twitter.

Keep an eye on this space for more posts. Do let us know your comments and feedback!


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  1. Very nice. Now make sure there’s someone to moderate AND answer comments. Or this will quickly become another useless blog…

    Oh, and get rid of the captcha in the comment form. It’s too hard to get right.

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