User Groups

User Groups around the world offer members the opportunity to network and build connections, master new skills, learn from peers, and have a lot of fun.

Capital Area ColdFusion User Group
Coldfusion Developer Community in Rockville, MD + surrounding areas are welcome
Central Alabama ColdFusion User Group
Be productive. Use ColdFusion – the language of innovation – as a key to agile business. Main site:
Central Georgia ColdFusion User Group
Coldfusion Developers in the Central Georgia Area
Central New York ColdFusion Users Group
Covering ColdFusion, Web Development, and Other Adobe Technologies
ColdFusion user group – Italy
CFUG Paris
Le groupe des développeurs Adobe Coldfusion Parisien
CFUG Sweden
Developers have more fun
Atlanta ColdFusion User Group
Coldfusion Developers in Atlanta, GA. This is a place holder page. Please refer to our real site at for past and upcoming events