Slatwall: Open source eCommerce platform


Slatwall is an enterprise class, open-source eCommerce platform. It was designed as a completely new way to think about how products and services are managed and sold online and aims to be the most robust, flexible and scalable eCommerce tool on the market.

The challenge for many mid-market companies is finding a solution that is meets their business requirements but doesn’t require a large investment in hardware, software and human resources. Slatwall takes a “business first” approach and is designed to fit seamlessly into a customers existing business practice.

Here are some of the key features in Slatwall:

Multiple product types

Whether it is merchandise, subscription, event management or content access, Slatwall provides a consistent, easy to use interface for managing products. Slatwall allows users to configure products based on their specific requirements, including options, pricing, fulfillment, inventory, shipping, taxes, promotions.

Robust and comprehensive promotion engine

Being able to run different kinds of promotions is at the heart of most eCommerce requirements. Slatwall’s comprehensive promotion management, combined with the ability to create multiple price groups for different customer segments, give the business complete control over managing pricing and promotions.

Customer Service

Customer service is on the front-line of user experience for any eCommerce business.. With ability to quickly search the complete database of customers, orders and products from one global search, getting to data couldn’t be any easier. Slatwall provides a full view of customer data and allows customer service to easily and efficiently perform common (but very important) tasks like taking a phone order, modifying or fulfilling an order, printing invoices, sending various transactional emails and much more.

Inventory and warehouse management

To manage product inventory properly it’s critical to have 360 degree view of the pipeline. Slatwall’s transactional inventory management gives a real time view of inventory status, allowing users to track your inventory at a very granular level, like at the row and bin level in a given warehouse.

Integration with external/legacy system

Be it accounting, CRM, ERP, payment/shipping/tax providers or a custom legacy system, Slatwall has hooks to easily integrate with these systems and exchange relevant data. This integration prevents time consuming and error prone process of manually moving data between systems. We understand that completely replacing legacy systems can take great amount of time, money and resource. Slatwall allows this migration to occur in phases.


A Content Management System (CMS) is an integral part of eCommerce website, providing full control over site themes and critical SEO content.  Slatwall is designed integrate seamlessly with any existing open source CMS or even a home-grown application.