Prospective Medical Data International Inc.


Efficiently developing and deploying secure patient data collection solutions
The challenges of health data collection are no contest for Prospective Medical Data International Inc. The company has developed its secure, real-time, validated data collection platform using Adobe ColdFusion. PMDI’s Question MagiXX Framework (QMF) software lets users design and configure their own electronic web-based data collection systems (EWDCS) to run studies via the Internet.

The good thing is that someone with no knowledge of programming or web layout can create an EWDCS application using the QMF desktop application,” says Maartje Smulders, CEO of PMDI. “The desktop application is basically an automated computer program that happens to generate Adobe ColdFusion code, which is picked up by the QMF web application. In other words, all our clients are ColdFusion programmers, often without realizing it.

The QMF web application runs the user-designed studies created in the QMF desktop application, and both meet the strict national and international regulations that govern health data. With Adobe ColdFusion as the QMF foundation, development is 33% faster and PMDI’s hardware utilization is 40% higher, saving both time and money.