CF Hour


CFHour is a weekly podcast focussing on the ColdFusion programming language, web application development technologies, trends and industry news.

Your experienced hosts Dave and Scott discuss web technology, mobile and much more, and are often joined by special guests from the development community. CFHour is a dynamic and informative show, filled with fun, laughter and knowledge.

Grumpy Scott Edition
Dave and Scott say goodbye to BrowserLab and Google Reader, say hello to Adobe’s new ColdFusion cloud offering through Amazon.
Java 7 Support
In this week’s show, Dave and Scott discuss the ColdFusion update with Java 7 support, how NOT to build your ColdFusion apps and some useful Bootstrap plugins.
Access Still Sucks
In this week’s show, Dave and Scott discuss the latest jQuery Mobile release, how to speed up your ColdFusion 10 start processes and how to get run over if you wear Google Glass.