CONTENS Web Content Management

CONTENS ( is a powerful and flexible web content management system (CMS) to successfully run international websites, intranets, extranets, landingpages and newsletters. A particular strength is the easy management of different country- and language-versions of one or more sites.



Clear user interface

The CONTENS user interface is clearly structured. With the page tree on the left side editors open the desired pages. They see the pages right in the way they will appear after publication. The WYSIWYG mode helps editors and simplifies the daily work.


Multiple sites in one installation

In addition to a website, many companies operate an intranet, several landingspages or an extranet to communiacte with business partners. CONTENS allows you to manage multiple sites in a single installation. Thanks to the sophisticated rights management, you can define precisely who has which permissions in which area.


Split Screen for translations

Verifying or translating multi-lingual websites is particularly easy with the Split Screen view in CONTENS. Pages and articles can be displayed side by side in two different languages, which makes localization very easy.


Structured content

For editing and processing content, CONTENS can define clear structures that support the editors in their tasks. All areas and fields can be individually named and flexibly configured (e.g., optional / required, predefined values, etc.).


Use content multiple times

In CONTENS, content can be used more than once, without the need to create it multiple times. The same press release can be used on the homepage, in the press area and for the newsletter each time in an individual design. In case of a change, it is only necessary to update it at one point, which considerably simplifies the work for the editorial staff.

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