Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2016 Preconference Workshops almost Sold Out!

There are only a handful of seats available for our preconference workshops on API and Security topics, so we will be closing registration very soon due to capacity limitations.  Please register today if you haven't yet!

As a reminder, these workshops are full day hands-on labs so it's a great learning opportunity for your teams.  Below is a summary of the workshop descriptions:

Topic 1
Developing and Managing APIs with Adobe ColdFusion API Manager

This full day preconference lab will cover API development with a focus on REST based APIs. It will include an overview of Adobe ColdFusion API Manager and walk through configuration of the environment, and various features available to create and manage APIs.

Topic 2

This full day hands-on training session will focus entirely on the topic of security as it relates to web developers, reviewing examples of how vulnerabilities are exploited and how to mitigate these vulnerabilities within your code.

Both of these full day preconference labs will have prerequisites and will require students to bring their own laptops for use. Further details on what will be covered and prerequisite information will be provided soon.


Register today here:

4 Responses

  1. Any chance we could get hold of this content (paid or otherwise) after the conference online so that those living in the future 😉 on the other side of the world can get some of this CF goodness?

    We miss out on 90% of Adobe’s content over here 🙁

  2. Dawesi, we are trying to ramp up more training for other regions as well as North America. Where are you located? I don’t know if we could make this same lab available, but we can let you know via the blog about remote training opportunities in the future.

  3. Is there a list of the conference concurrent sessions that will be offered? I’m interested in attending but I need to be able to show what types of things I’d be learning to get it approved by my company.

  4. Early bird pricing should be active until the sessions become available on the website. Your asking for people to sign-up for something they may or may not be interested in based on the sessions they want to see. When the guess work is gone, so is the leap of faith pricing.

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