Win $1000!! ColdFusion 11 Mobile Application Development Contest

ColdFusion 11 provides a single platform to develop, test, and debug mobile applications in one end-to-end workflow leveraging your existing CFML skills.  

The Adobe ColdFusion Team is sponsoring a mobile application contest where the winner will receive a $1000.00 gift card prize.  More details below.  



  • The application must be built using the mobile feature set of ColdFusion 11
  • All entries must be received by midnight Pacific Time on December 15th, 2014.
  • All application source code needs to be uploaded to Github
  • Github repo must be public
  • No private submissions will be accepted
  • There is no specific requirement for application functionality
  • All applications need to compile to an android app and be installable
  • To submit your entry, email with a brief description
Good luck!! 
And please help us spread the word!


8 Responses

  1. I like the idea, but I think the reward is only targeting one type of developer, the person that has free time on their hands and they see $1,000 as a substantial prize. At least in our field $1,000 could be made in just a few hours time, and to create a win worthy app would take longer, so it doesn’t make sense.

    The prize should be $1,000 gift card OR 3 free licenses of CF 11 enterprise. That appeals to the entrepreneur developer, that would be more likely to create something unique and impress, knowing they have 3 servers of software paid if they win, which reduces the amount of capital they need to launch. That would be a far better incentive than $1,000 gift card to some people and Adobe can make it happen.

  2. @Benny, no restrictions on locale.
    @Shawn, I can understand your point but we wouldn’t be able to modify the prize right now. We can consider a licensing prize for a future contest. Good to know your interest, thanks for letting us know.

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