User Groups

User Groups around the world offer members the opportunity to network and build connections, master new skills, learn from peers, and have a lot of fun.

Bangalore ColdFusion User group

CF UG in Bangalore, India

Boise ColdFusion User's Group

A community of Coldfusion Developers in Boise, Idaho

Boston ColdFusion User Group

Welcome to the Boston ColdFusion User Group. This is a social and technical group for those wanting to meet with web developers and discuss ColdFusion/CFML and other related tools and technologies such as JavaScript/jQuery, Mobile Development, HTML, CSS, and databases. Developers of all levels, from newbies to veterans, are welcome!

The Boston ColdFusion User Group is under new management.

Brisbane ColdFusion User Group

Adobe ColdFusion, Application Platforms, Business and Web Industry Social User Group Brisbane