Third Party Solutions

The Adobe® ColdFusion® community offers a plethora of technologies that are built on top of or complement ColdFusion applications and solutions. Following is a list of third-party technologies ranging from content management systems to add-ons for ColdFusion applications.

Prosis : Enterprise Resource Planning System

Prosis ™ helps you manage all your information, build business processes and automate your operations across budget, program and project planning, human resources, supply chain, stock control, asset control, sales, work-order services and financials. No matter your industry, Prosis™ will take your organization to the next level at an affordable price.

Slatwall: Open source eCommerce platform

Slatwall is an enterprise class, open-source eCommerce platform designed as a completely new way to think about how products and services are managed and sold online.

ContentBox Modular CMS

ContentBox is an open source modular content management engine powered by ColdFusion. With ContentBox you minimize development time since it allows you to easily build websites, blogs, wikis, complex web applications and even power mobile or cloud applications.

ColdBox Platform

ColdBox is the leading development platform for ColdFusion applications empowering both small and enterprise level applications since 2005. It is an event-driven, convention-based ColdFusion Development Platform.


FusionAnalytics is the ultimate ColdFusion Application and server analysis tool, all about "Making IT Better" and giving you the information and data to help you make better business decisions.


FusionDebug is an interactive step debugger for ColdFusion. FusionDebug makes debugging ColdFusion applications faster, easier and smarter.


FuseGuard is a Web Application Firewall that runs 100% on ColdFusion. After just a few minutes of installation, FuseGuard will log and optionally block malicious requests made against your ColdFusion web applications.


FusionReactor is a professional server monitor for ColdFusion. FusionReactor continuously monitors your production servers and will diagnose and analyze, server and application issues.


Vertabase software includes online timesheets, schedule management, task management, document management, issue tracking, resource allocation, and customizable reports.