Hosting Partners

Many leading web hosting companies offer Adobe® ColdFusion® application server as part of their packages. Following is a list of noted ColdFusion hosting partners that offer a wide array of plans ranging from shared to dedicated hosting.


Hostway is a European ColdFusion hosting specialist and official Adobe ColdFusion Solution Partner, with over ten years of experience in supporting businesses


NetMasters hosts websites, databases, and ColdFusion applications. They also manage Internet servers for a broad range of private and public organizations. As ColdFusion hosting specialists, NetMasters offers customized solutions.


Heteml provides hosting services for ColdFusion developers and other web creators in Japan. Based on the concept "We host your creativity," heteml provides advanced features such as hosting of ColdFusion and Adobe Flash® Media Server, multidomain support, and superior cost performance.

Futurism Works Corporation

Futurism Works Corporation was the first company in Japan to offer developers and web creators Windows based hosting services supporting ColdFusion. Their servers have earned the reputation for large-capacity disk space, high uptimes, and stability.