Hosting Partners

Many leading web hosting companies offer Adobe® ColdFusion® application server as part of their packages. Following is a list of noted ColdFusion hosting partners that offer a wide array of plans ranging from shared to dedicated hosting.

Hostek specializes in ColdFusion Hosting and provides unmatched options for developers and business owners. With thousands of ColdFusion sites hosted, we provide the highest tier of support and reliability. We monitor, manage and backup your servers. Migration is FREE.

Edge Web Hosting is an award winning globally recognized leader in providing fully managed hosting for applications that rely on ColdFusion and the entire stack of Adobe products.  Utilize our global cloud platforms to quickly scale from tens to millions of users.  


CFDynamics provides hosting services for ColdFusion developers and webmasters that need high-speed delivery and a stable development and hosting platform.


With a track record of leadership in the ColdFusion community, offers advanced technologies such as sandbox security, custom and CFX tags, and comprehensive server monitoring.


CrystalTech is a proven leader in offering affordable, stable web hosting for web designers and application developers using the ColdFusion scripting environment.


Ayera is a dynamic, rapidly growing hosting provider that has championed the ColdFusion platform since its beginning. Their origin as a ColdFusion development firm provides the solid foundation needed to keep ColdFusion based web applications up and running.

Vivio Technologies

Vivio Technologies has been delivering cost-effective VPS and Dedicated Server hosting since 2002, and focuses specifically on the CFML hosting industry.


CENTINATED has been hosting ColdFusion applications for more than ten years and has a fundamental knowledge of how to handle all sizes of ColdFusion applications and websites.

Flint Hosts

From shared space through to reseller requirements, cloud deployments and dedicated hosting facilities, we provide a stable, professional and customer-service orientated solution to over 3500 websites based in over 30 different countries.