Since 2004, Promisan has built its management consulting and systems business by creating tools that help clients optimize how they use information. Promisan’s flagship enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Prosis, surpasses rival solutions because it has been built using the stable, mature, and powerful Adobe ColdFusion platform. ColdFusion gives Promisan the flexibility to meet changing customer requirements and to integrate with a variety of IT infrastructures

“Adobe ColdFusion is a fantastic application server that outperforms others at a significantly lower cost of ownership. Because it’s based on a J2EE-compliant Java platform, it readily supports Linux, Solaris, Mac, and Windows operating systems. The platform integrates seamlessly into Java and C++ projects—providing outstanding flexibility in the demanding, challenging ERP arena,” says Jorge Armin Mazariegos, co-founder and operations manager at Promisan.

Prosis has helped one global company cut staffing report times from three days to one minute and a recruiting agency to gain real-time insight into job recruiting status. The ERP system has also helped a crude oil distributor cut the time required to refill storage tanks by 67%.

Adobe ColdFusion has allowed Promisan to eliminate nearly all third-party tools for solution development. With ColdFusion, Promisan developers have achieved a sustainable business model for Prosis that can support sites with anywhere from 5 to 5,000 users accessing more than 1,500 normalized database tables.