Why should we use WebSocket Proxy?
Tue, 14 Jul

This is the first in a series of posts on WebSocket proxy configuration.

ColdFusion uses dedicated port (8575/8577) to start its internal WebSocket Server by default. Earlier, these ports were required to be always accessible from outside. This setup works well for intranet applications. But for public facing web applications, it is not advisable to keep port open and let it be accessible from outside.

ColdFusion 11 has introduced proxy support for WebSocket. There is a new proxy module that can be configured with IIS and Apache Web Server which intercept ColdFusion WebSocket requests and redirect the requests to the ColdFusion’s internal WebSocket Server. Now, web applications communicate to WebSocket server over the same port on which web application is running.

How to start WebSocket proxy service?

In order to start WebSocket proxy service follow steps mentioned below:

  • Login to ColdFusion Administrator.
  • Navigate to Server Settings > WebSocket.
  • Select “Use Proxy” option under Enable WebSocket Service.
  •  Submit Changes.
  • Restart ColdFusion Application service.

    How to configure WebSocket proxy with ColdFusion?

    We have shipped WebSocket Proxy Configuration tool along with ColdFusion 11 which can be used to configure WebSocket proxy with IIS and Apache Web Server on all supported platforms.

    WebSocket Proxy Configuration tool can be located at:

    •  <cf_install_root>/cfusion/bin/wsproxyconfig.exe(for windows platform)
    •  <cf_install_root>/cfusion/bin/ non-windows platform)

    Supported web servers with WebSocket proxy:

    • IIS 8 or above
    • Apache Web Server 2.2.*

    Upcoming posts in this series:

    • How to configure WebSocket proxy with IIS
    • How to configure WebSocket proxy with Apache Web Server
    • Tuning ColdFusion 11 WebSocket proxy configuration with IIS 8 or above


    Creating a simple facebook app which manipulates your profile pic
    Mon, 13 Jul

    In CF10 we had introduced cfoauth tag which helped in social login integration. Lets use it to build a simple facebook app which will download your facebook profile's pic, add some image effects to it and post it to facebook.

    1. First we need to ask user to login via facebook so that we can fetch his profile image.

    <cfoauth type="facebook" clientid='YOUR_CLIENT_ID'   secretkey="YOUR_SECRET_KEY_HERE"  result="r" scope="" redirecturi="REDIRECT_URL">


    2. Not lets set this info into some variable 

    <cfset Session.fbinfo = #r#>


    3. Use cfhttp tag to download the image

    <cfset thisPath=ExpandPath("*.*")>

    <cfset thisDirectory=GetDirectoryFromPath(thisPath)>

    <cfhttp method="Get" url="" path="#thisDirectory#" file="final.jpg">


    4. Now lets use cfimage tage to do various image manipulations 

    <cfimage action='resize' height='#height#' width='#width#' source='#thisDirectory#/final.jpg' destination='#thisDirectory#/final.jpg' overwrite=true> 

    <cfimage action='rotate' angle='#angle#' source='#thisDirectory#/final.jpg' destination='#thisDirectory#/final.jpg' overwrite=true> 

    <cfimage action='border' thickness='#thick#' color='#color#' source='#thisDirectory#/final.jpg' destination='#thisDirectory#/final.jpg' overwrite=true> 

    5. Save the image 

    <cfimage source="#image#" action="write" destination="#thisDirectory#/final.jpg" overwrite="yes">

    6. Lastly post this image to Facebook 

    <cfhttp  url="" method="post" multipart="yes">
       <cfhttpparam type="file" name="source" file="#thisDirectory#\final.jpg">



    Code names for ColdFusion server and ColdFusion Builder
    Wed, 08 Jul

    Here are the new code names for the next versions of ColdFusion server and ColdFusion Builder. 

    The next major version of ColdFusion server is codenamed Raijin. Raijin is the Japanese lightning God

    The subsequent version of ColdFusion server post Raijin has been codenamed Aether. Aether is the greek god of upper atmosphere.

    We continue to the trend of basing our code names on mythological characters. Also note that the next version of ColdFusion server was previously announced as Dazzle. Dazzle is no longer our code name and instead comes Raijin.

    For ColdFusion Builder the next version is codenamed Blizzard (as previously announced) and the version post that is code named Avalanche.

    Thanks to Dave Epler and Aaron Neff for recommending the code names Raijin and Aether.

    The pre-release for Raijin will commence shortly.

    Say hello to Raijin and Blizzard!






    Celebrating 20 Years of ColdFusion! CF Photo Collage
    Tue, 07 Jul

    In celebration of ColdFusion's 20 year birthday here at Adobe we're inviting you all to be a part of this milestone with us by posting your picture wishing CF a Happy 20th Birthday.  All entries will come together as a photo collage wall at ColdFusion Summit later this year in Las Vegas, so even if you can't make it to Summit you can still be a part of the celebrations there! 

    Bonus points to those that have pics with ColdFusion props.  We know you all have a favorite t-shirt by now or saved the old shrinkwrap boxes in your basements, so it's time to dust those off and show us your favorite CF memories!

    The best entries will get a surprise gift, so get creative.

    Obviously, no inappropriate content please.

    Please post all entries to ColdFusion's Facebook page or via Twitter with #CFTurns20 

    Happy Birthday ColdFusion!




    Tournament Scorecard Pro built with Adobe ColdFusion 11 Mobile
    Mon, 06 Jul

    We would like to make an announcement to highlight a great public application that was built with Adobe ColdFusion 11 Mobile Platform Tools by one of our well-known community members, Dave Ferguson.  We think the app is a great example of the types of mobile solutions that can be built utilizing the features available.

    Well done Dave!  Thanks for sharing.


    The application was built using these mobile features of ColdFusion 11: 

    Local data storage access using components.

    Remote app inspection using built-in weinre server.

    App debugging during development process.  

    Application building via phonegap build for deployment. 


    Bootstrap was used for UI controls and layout.  

    Dynamic tempting was achieved with Mustache.

    jQuery and other Javascript plugins for miscellaneous UI elements.



    Tournament Scorecard Pro is an app for keeping score at a martial arts tournament.  These tournaments don't have a scoreboard for spectators, so it is up to the spectators to keep score themselves.  This has historically been done with pen and paper. However, this method leads to lost scores or other issues. With the app, spectators can easily keep track of scores and always have them with them.  They can now easily look back at previous tournaments for reference.  The app also helps during the tournament when it comes to correcting scoring conflicts and figuring out ties.



    Have you built a mobile application using any of the ColdFusion 11 tools?  Tell us about it!

    Setting up ColdFusion in distributed envionment
    Thu, 02 Jul

    You might want to set up ColdFusion in a distributed environment where ColdFusion is running on one machine and Web server is running on a different machine.

    Following are the set of steps that have to be performed to achieve this (less error-prone):

    This applies to both ColdFusion 10 and ColdFusion 11.

    1) Have ColdFusion server installed in a machine.

    2) Next thing is to download and install VC Runtime.

                 - The version of VC Runtime that you have to install depends on the version of ColdFusion.

                    Say, ColdFusion 11 needs VC Runtime 2012

                     (32-bit VC Runtime for 32-bit Web server and 64-bit VC Runtime for 64-bit Web server.

                      If you are not sure, you can install both)


                    and ColdFusion 10 needs VC Runtime 2010


    3) Copy the following contents from the machine where ColdFusion is running to the machine where Web server is running at the same location.





    4) Open a Command prompt and run wsconfig tool

       C:\ColdFusion11>jre\bin\java -jar cfusion\runtime\lib\wsconfig.jar

        It will open a configuration window where you have to provide AppServer Host as the ColdFusion Server IP.

        Configure the connector.

    Distributed environment is ready for use. Send requests to the Web server's URL with cfm files under web server root and same files under ColdFusion's Web root.

    Web server would redirect these to ColdFusion, which is on some other machine.



    Twenty years of making web happen – Happy Birthday, ColdFusion!
    Thu, 02 Jul

    Twenty years ago, this day, the very first version of ColdFusion was launched. Originally developed by Jeremy Allaire and JJ Allaire in 1995, ColdFusion has been around for as long as the Web itself.

    Over the past two decades, ColdFusion has had a profound impact on web application development. In the early days, ColdFusion made a difference to web application development by offering an easy-to-use language for all things Web. Today, ColdFusion empowers our customers to build desktop and mobile web applications through an end-to-end application development framework and HTML5 support, facilitate scaling the value of their data and services through REST-based APIs all the time ensuring scalability, stability and security that are so central to the needs of large-enterprise applications. 

    Here’s a quick snapshot of ColdFusion’s journey over the last twenty years. 

    ColdFusion continues to be deeply entrenched in large commercial and government enterprises and continues to be backbone of many mission critical applications in these environments. We owe all our success to our customers and ColdFusion developers and thank them for the continued investment in ColdFusion. I also take time to thank all the active user groups and their managers who passionately and enthusiastically drive the ColdFusion message in their communities. 

    The 20 year celebration will culminate at the Adobe CFSummit 2015 later this year. I look forward to meeting and interacting with all of you at the Summit.

    The last twenty years have been great, and I strongly believe that the best is still ahead of us.

    Last Week for ColdFusion Summit Early Bird Rate of $299
    Mon, 22 Jun

    Reminding everyone that you have one more week to register for Adobe's ColdFusion Summit at the $299 early bird rate.  The discount rate ends June 30th, so make sure to get your registration in by then.



    When: November 9th and 10th, 2015

    Where: Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada


    $299 Early Bird now through June 30th

    Standard Rate is $399 after June 30th 

    Room Rate: $179/nt - room block is limited so please book early!!  This is an awesome rate at Aria

    Pre-release for the next version of ColdFusion
    Wed, 17 Jun

    We are very close to opening up the pre-release for the next version of ColdFusion. If you are keen on getting onto the pre-release for the next version all you have to do is take this short survey.

    As always, we look forward to engaging with you on the pre-release and value your contributions during the pre-release.